Rubber Themes

Neat Neoprene, Lusty Latex, Brutal Butyl
and Sensitively Sensual Applications

This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2005
You're Bound to Enjoy this Page!      We've visited my Rubber Room so many times, you might think there was simply nothing more to see.   Well, I've got over 500 photos that say we've not reached rubber saturation Quite Yet, thank you!!   Fact of the matter, that's why I've waited so long to upgrade this portion of Leather Oaks, the Web Site:  I spend so much time enjoying rubber gear in many varied ways, that I keep getting sidetracked into more photo sessions, layering experiments and new rubber creations.   As you will see later on, I have some competition in the latter category!!
      All of the photos in this section are either brand new or never published!   And as usual, I've tried to break the wide rubbery world that is Leather Oaks, the Rural Location, into manageable categories.  We'll have wetsuits, dry suits, both "mentionable and un" latex gear.   You'll get to explore with me virtually every corner of my moderately secluded garden and home, and we hope any exhaustion you feel will be from pleasureable causes.  Enjoy, my friend!!
        Our opening photo is the only one on this page NOT linked to another page of similarly rubbered photos.   Since it features one of my favorite wetsuits and a new, comfortable riding belt, not to mention the Misawaka Waders, you might expect there would be other poses, and I guess you'll just have to find them!!
Squirm Suit Sunned
Layered Triathlete Farmer John
Aquaman and Friend!
Waffled Bulge Closeup
      Well, it appears this is going to be a fresh journey for all of us!  It's been almost ten months since I set the categories, and selected the key photos, so the plot may be changed to protect my ignorance!  This photo is of a waffled wetsuit shirt I found way out in San Antonio, and I bet those are my neoprene chest waders under the shirt.  But, my Hot Tub is in the photo too, so are things going to get wet, too?   Or does this refer to the wetsuit page, regardless of the relative dampness?  Click us forward and let's see!!
    There's five major themes in this section, and of course, there's six pages to cover the territory, with "miscellaneous" fitting somewhere in the middle!
    I think most people know by now that my wetsuits don't get nearly as much pool, lake or ocean time as they do get lounge, dining and riding duty!   This page features photos of four of my favorites, all shined up for shore service.  Is that the new Squirm Suit in the first mini-photo at left?
    One of my favorite neoprene suits was sort of a fluke.   It's either a triathlete's or a surfer's Farmer John of unknown make.  The arm straps are a mite long, which makes layering very tempting, oh and did I mention this suit seems to have no limits on the bulgebuilding it can take and process!
    Somehow, when the name went on this section, the "Waffled" almost went out!   My superbulge waffled shorts were spending so much time in the Hot Tub, I figured that was where they belonged.   But that did leave my first waffled conversion, in two great sequences.  Enjoy!
Will the fog clear on later pages?
Inner Tube Rubber and then?      To lead off the trunks and briefs section, I chose this photo of one of my oldest and most durable rubber briefs, made from innertube rubber.   Due to my focus on enhanced bulging of the last few years, you won't find but two or three designs briefer in this section.  There are a dozen different suits, in maybe twice that many settings.  Let's see if you can count them!   There appear to be about five pages of Briefs and Trunks in this section, one for each linking photo, natch!
      I never thought much about the diminutive Koala thong, really a plastic coated fabric.   It's endured two years of almost daily use in my Endless Pool.   Thought you might want to see it dry and with swimjocks!
      Is a mask an excuse to wear gear you wouldn't otherwise try?  See for yourself!
      Turquoise Tom sounds like the name for a Harry Chapin song, but it's really this anatomically incredible Tom Brief I made with care, but wear with exuberance!
      I have this fascination with Beavertails of the neoprene variety.   Here's a recent re-work of a too small wetsuit shirt into a cross between a harness and a jockstrap.   A rubber brief is added for social security.
Koala Thonging Along!
Masked Black Latex
Turquoise Tom and Friends
Wetsuit Harnessed
     Hot Dog!   Let's hop in my Hot Tub!!   While most folks tend to look on a hot tub as a "clothing optional" area, even before I bought my own, I was envisioning many more rubbery applications for mine!   As I recollect, there are two main themes going on here, divided mainly by how MUCH rubber I'm wearing.   From the photo at right, it appears we're expected to explore the Hot Briefs (or at least Trunks) first.   Sound Okay to you?
      It's so hard getting in and out of the tub, just to make notes on whether a particular outfit would be called a suit or ensemble, that I think you're just going to have to face a wet rubber jungle!  I think there are almost twice as many Hot Suited photos as there are Hot Briefed ones!   So here's a link to the first page of the fully rubbered and fully, warmly wet poses.   We're calling it Fully Rubbered Hot Suits!!
An UnBrief Hot Tub event?
Hard Neoprene Interlude        Almost six years have passed since I got my first SlickSkin gear from Dungeon Enterprises, and they're still some of my most enjoyed Rubbers (in the plural sense of apparel, that is <G>).   Alas, they seemed to be more enjoyed than photographed, so there was a scant page of additional available images.   New sessons were commissioned especially for this section I'm happy to report.   Some are mildly provacative -- You probably won't want to skip this one!
       You may have noticed a substantial aquatic edge to many of my rubber photos.   (If not, it's surely through no fault of omission on my part!!)   It's more than a fascination, but a substantial part of my ongoing fitness program that I try to swim half an hour or so, daily.   Finding the time to get myself and my gear down to the Biloxi Natatorium has always been a problem, and has been made more serious by the aches I get if I skip more than an occasional day.   When I ran across an on-line review of the Endless Pool, I figured it was well worth looking into.   A few weeks and several phone calls later, I got to "test swim" a couple of Endless Pools nearby.   My carpenter/Fireman buddy helped me with the installation, and on January 10th, 2004, I enjoyed the first test swim in my new Endless Pool ! 
       I guess I needn't warn you that my swimming attire was far from conventional even at the Natatorium, and to call it ecletic now would be too kind by half!   As my swim versus play time in the Endless Pool is probably 90 to 10, the suits tend to vary mostly by the weather: Since I started swimming Endlessly in January, let's do the heavy rubber swim gear first.   And yes, there is a companion page of Endlessly Summer Grade attire at this link:  Swim Briefs, Thongs and Trunks !
Winter Weight Endless Swimming!
Ready for an Alternative to Rubber, are YOU?        Some of my rubber interests just don't fit neatly in the molds of such attire.   It comes I believe from my often overly sensualized imagination, always wondering what would some new combination feel like!  Would they look well together; be practical for long-term wear?   Three of my favorite alternative categories are featured in this section:   The notorious green frog will make several appearances, and in some he won't be so grumpy!  Additionally, I'll share the complete Melon Foam Ensemble in all its variations.   And, try to keep it to yourself, but we'll once again look into my interest in translucent rubber, on a page called appropriately enough, Amber Two!
       Hot breaking interlude!   Almost ten years ago, I got to try on a very thick, very snug neoprene drysuit from O'Neill.   As a post-Katrina gift, its owner passed it on to me.   It's that shiny black and yellow thing over there -- go ahead click and enjoy!!
Let Amber along now!
Mailed Melon!
Buffed and Rubbery!
       Have you met many Latex Surfers?  Is that what they wear or what they do??   I'm sure there is a latex feel, and it's one of clinging, pleasurable closeness.  Leather may develop a more earthy suite of aromas.   Foam neoprene gives more tactile feedback and develops erotically satisfying sweat blends all its own, while hard neoprene places the strongest demands on musculature if any definition is to be shown.   Latex is the most revealing, conforming to your skin maybe in ways you'd rather it not.   So, let's go surfing . . . . in Latex!! High-Collared Surfer!!
Say Hello to the GIMP ! !       About six months ago, I was contacted by this young man in England who was very excitied about some of my rubber creations.   It seemed he had a lot of wild ideas, and started talking to me about GIMP masks.  I'd never even heard the term before, but Keith soon solved that problem by sending me first one, then two more of his most original creations!   Follow the link to see a whole page of his unique products.   I think you'll find an e-mail link there too, if you want to get in touch with "Wild AcornBear", as he calls himself!
      It's not a guilt trip, honest!!   I just really get off on wearing rubber while DOING things!!   Way back before my PUBLIC rubber phase began, you could see this tendency in my first alternative Christmas card, the "Lawn-Mower Triumphant" pose.   Partly, this is a rubber follow-on to that session, although I miss my photographer Al's encouragement of my photographic craziness!   Looks like another mixed breed rubber outfit:   Hard and soft neoprene, inner-tube rubber cap and surely the boots are butyl rubber?  Then in a session designed to prove that cleanliness is not inconsistent with rubberiness, watch as I put a certain chemical rubber coverall through its paces! Rubber Mower Operations
Dry Rubber Times       With all of this section's emphasis on deliberately wet or at least sweaty rubber, it may come as a shock that I actually do own some gear intended to keep one dry -- in rubber!!   Would you believe, they're called "Dry Suits"?   Not counting the infamous Aquala brand, ( I can hardly wear them in good fun anymore), I now count two such suits in my Rubberdrobe!
      First off, in Black Rubber is a Hunter (formerly Gates) Amron Dive Suit.   Don't tell anyone now, but I believe I was wearing a WET suit under this thing.   I bet the photo link will show you how it was done!   While many rubbermen would have felt their life's goal had been achieved in wearing a black rubber drysuit, somehow I lusted for more colorful gear.   Finally, that lust was realized when I found a Viking Sport Suit in Living Orange in a very snug-fitting configuration.   There was just room for one wetsuit under it, and "hey presto" I floated in rubber on my Endless Pool!   Here's the link to the Orange DrySuitedly Attired Page!
      Late Breaking Announcement!!     In a stunning change of face, I can once again admit to lusting in an Aquala® brand drysuit ! !>
      I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but then I figured it would be more comfortable to endure slings and arrows of not too thinly veiled contempt from the present business owner while wearing a couple or three layers of sweaty latex inside one of those great old green rubber suits!   From the looks of things, this may be one of those fetish scenes that the poor man finds to be such an "inappropriate" use of his primary corporate product.  Join me on the next link for the full multipully-rubbered story, involving more mixed cues than you'll find outside a rubbermans' disco!   Bring on the Jimmy Buffet 8-tracks, and let's get in some laminated rubber, NOW!!   There are probably two pages, and if you're real impatient, then here's the link to the Grass-Diving Page!
Unauthorized Enjoyment
      There may a few people within the more sparsely populated corners of the world who have not seen the old and not that uninteresting Rubber Themes.   If you by chance are one of those people, or if you just want to see the whole thing again, here's your chance!  You may even remember this photo, or one similar to it. Click on the link to return to Rubber Yesteryear! ! Rubber Themes Remembered!
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