Rubber Trunking -- Page Two

Gasmasked Latex TankSuits and Rubber Briefs
and Latex Briefs -- with Chains!!

This page was last updated on: December 28th, 2005
     I've been sitting on this set for several years now.   They didn't really fit anywhere, and some might find them a little less tonier, if you will!   But saying that, you know you'll hate yourself if you skip this page.
      The first seven photos sort of tell a story, or at least record a sequence of latex layering, and date from October, 2004.   Let's review them together, Okay?
      Well, it appears that we're being investigated first off!  I hope we make the cut:  I bet he's a real fun guy once you get to know him.
Masked Latexman watching you
Neoprene Dive Briefs over Knuckled JockUp This one I understand.  International Jock sold what they called a neoprene dive brief, but the only neoprene was the waistband and a narrow, non-formed pouch.  I took to weearing it backwards, the very full stretch nylon seat giving me an almost unlimited bulge room!  Are the other latex items to be worn or discarded?
     I like this pose. Clean, centrally defined bulge, snug-fitting tanktop, and a confident stance.  I wonder if they have autographed copies for sale? Full Frontal Knuckled Bulge!
Bulge Stretching Exercise?        See ! !   You SEE ! ! !  This is the kind of thing they warn young people about on the dreadful Internet!  Where did I put my smelling salts, now?
Oh the debauchery of it!  Well, if Baseball players can do it before millions, maybe it's alright.   In moderation of course!   I see our mystery man has finally found some rubber boots.  Less chance for splinters that way, I'm sure. Latex Bulge Bending
Latex Bulge Massage Results? Man, am I impressed? !  It appears that this is a genuine, non-enhanced male member, tastefully if rather directly displayed through thin, compliant latex!  I wonder if it gets any more intense for the occupant?
Well, more Sunny Beaches!  No hands, and I don't think it's a banana.  Surely not a cucumber; they wouldn't lay flat like that.  Those naked latex Waders sure look good, too! Latex Bulge Ascendant
Chained Latex Briefs       There's a perfectly reasonable explanation to this photo.  I was playing with some neoprene chain, and found this funny little set of linked metal chain.  Of course, I began trying to find places it would fit.
       There a second linked photo that gives a little better view of my Tower Room in its early stages of furnishing.  Incidentally, my hat is thick moulded latex, and yes, those are dive booties.
      One creation that never seemed to work that well was this heavy lace-sided brief made from innertube rubber.  It was one of my early attempts at building bulge into my designs.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find any other photos, although there might be one or two back in my pre-digital archives. ZipThrough, Laced-side InnerTube Rubber Briefs
Bulge Squeezing Obsession       This is another photo that's been an orphan because of its content.  It resonates well, as they say.  Those are decrepit fire boots worn over SealDri's lightweight sock waders.  So far as I know, the Astrup company in no longer in business, and I know of no current source.  The $1.98 gas mask was my first, and it's still a favorite:   Never any trouble with breathing, or lens fogging, and besides brown becomes me!
      This may be a duplicate, but I couldn't find it used anyplace.   Jerry "RV FlyBoy" made them, and I was fortunate to find them in my size at the only East Coast Rubber Run I was able to attend!  The briefs need repairs, but the tanktop is still a favorite in cool weather!
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Neoprene Tanktop and Briefs
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