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Turquoise Knuckled Foam Tom Briefs
and His Colorful Friends!!

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December 29th, 2005
     These neat little brifs were sold by Slimwear of America, a now moribund if not defunct company.   The material trhough the crotch was wasy to high for an endowed male, so I cut out probably two inches of latex. They ride low, and feel great, with or without a JockUp! Blue Kyle and Green Swimcap
Blue Kyle with a knuckled JockUp)       They're very liquid, aren't they?   Slimwear, called SOA by their fans, had this neat practice of naming all of their latex products according to the gender of their expected wearer.  These briefs were named "Kyle".  I think it's very likely that I was wearing a knuckled foam JockUp under Kyle in these two photos!
     I would almost go on record as saying that my knuckled foam Tom Briefs are the most provocative creation in my repertoire.  Why "Tom Briefs"? The name comes from Tom of Finland.  Some of his characters featured guys wearing very skimpy briefs, little more than thongs in back coverage.  Anyway, I happened on this knuckled foam at my local Kmart, and felt it would be a shame for it to be left filling its intended purpose, merely protecting campers from the cold, hard and probably damp earth.  Why not protect Harold's most valuable and tender assets from the assaults and depredations of a bulge-cruel world? Turquoise TomBrief under Construction
Turquoise TomBrief in Right Profile        When I began developing the Turquoise Tom Brief, I threw caution to the winds!  Working with such wildly knuckled material, it seemed pointless to build a conservative little pouch, since anything had to be almost 5/8ths inch thick just for the foam!  Not a very small pouch is it?  I'll tell you more about it with the next photo.
        We have another of those profile quandaries.  Whichever you prefer, click to see the larger version!
Turquoise TomBrief in Left Profile
       It appears that my Tom Brief is about to undergo its first aquatic activity test.  In the meantime, maybe I should inform you that ther waders gracing these photos are the brown ProLine, featured in the Hot Garden section, and prominently in my new Waders section.   They're just so earthy, they seem to always fit! Spa-side Turquoise Tom Brief
Knuckled Turquoise Full Frontal Assault        Well, it appears we've gotten a reprise from the Hot Tub test!   You may be wondering about the locks.  In my experiments, I found that there is almost no stretch to the knuckled foam, so there was going to have to be some disassembly in order to don the briefs!  You may have noticed too that in the first photo, I used shoe laces to hold the briefs together.  The next try was with bolts and acorn nuts, but that was hard to work.  Then I hit on the idea of small padlocks through holes drilled in the same bolts.
I think we age pretty well!!  The photo at the right, was taken in July, 2005, fully 33 months after the earlier ones!   Even at Leather Oaks, finding the right conditions for Turquise Tom to be the right attire takes some planning, so i'ts understandable that there were no intervening photos. Porched Turquoise Tom Briefs
Turquoise Tom Brief in Leather Comfort       Well, sometimes, Tom does get to go inside.   Today seemed to be one of those days.  Get lots of leather to butt contact when wearing the Tom Briefs, so it's not that big a concession!
      My Knuckled Turquoise Tom Brief required some unique design features.  The very narrow seat is actually a tonque from the end of the section of foam used to make the Curved Uplifter JockUp that forms the Genital Containment device at the center of the Brief.  Donning the brief requires not only finding the keys (or remembering the combination) but also a certain mild masochism.  A man's private components take some persuasion to attain their proper positions even in such a capacious and protective pouch.  Trust me on this:  While easy to remove, installation is not for the genitally squeamish<G>! Tanned Turquoise Tom Brief Quality Moment
Marroon Rubberite Jammers       While looking for rubber water polo briefs, I ran across this product from truWest Custom Swimwear.  I know, they're not really rubber, but for a fabric-backed material, they are surprisingly compliant and so far rather durable.   The company markets the material as "women's rubber fabric" but had no problem making the Jammers for me in rubber.
     Click on the photo for a page of this suit and my gold and bronze "hard rubber" water polor briefs from truWest!
      Another photo of the truWest Rubber Jammers.   To find the suit in their rather dysfunctional website, click on the link "Catalog" on their home page, then on the "New Product Supplement" heading on the catalog index page.  This will take you to a PDFed copy of the 2003-2004 Supplement.   The fabric samples are near the top, while the rubber swimsuits are about midways through the supplement.   Sure hope someone else will cajole them into making these great shorts:   They do intense numbers on my thighs! 
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Marroon Jammers again!
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