Rubber Swim Briefs

Water Polo Trunks and Racing Jammers

This page was last updated on: June 3rd, 2005
     Several folks have expressed an interest in more practical rubber trunks and briefs for swimming.   This temporary page is my answer to what I've found that works!

      The first photos are of the Water Polo briefs from TruWest of California. Mine are in the two-tone combination they call gold and bronze, although it sure looks like yellow to me!! 
TruWest Rubber Water Polo Briefs
To the Rear, Rubber!      I knew someone would want to see the other side, so why not humor them early on??   The swim cap is silicone rubber, of course, from Kmart.
     The first photos of the Rubber Jammers from TruWest were made in this really weird session with an Everlast Boxing Glove.   Don't ask me why, please!!   I guess they are both red, in a manner of speaking.   I don't believe I've ever attempted to swim in the Century 2000 Waders, either. Boxing in Jammers?
Boxing Jammer CloseUp        A daring closeup pose of the Jammers, "jammed" by the Glove!   There was only one modest Curved Uplifter JockUp being used to < ahem> enhance my basket, but oh so tastefully.
       A "natural light" view of the Jammers, made just today!!   My house is now painted in this wonderfully bright "MayApple" yellow, so any photo looks warmer.   I guess the camera was a little nonplussed at the scene, as this image is a mite soft on the focus side. Maroon Jammers on a Deck
Jammers over the shoulder?        The extreme snugness of these trunks is clear in the rear view, and yes, they are VERY low rise!!   I ordered in my correct waist size (the style name is "RUBJAM"), and yet they really do a number on my legs!!
       "Wretched excess" in the bulge department, but I can't resist displaying the effects of the Knuckled Foam JockUps!!  From the different swimcap being worn, you might guess this photo was made a few weeks earlier than the last two.   But at least, I'm getting closer to the water!   It's almost impossible to do swimming photos alone, so you'll have to take my word that it swims very well, thank you very much. Ready for a Jammin' Good Swim!
On the Edge of Today's Swim       Well, it's really going to happen this time.   I've got the gloves (for resistance) and the fins (ditto) and my mask should be around here somewhere.  See you in about 33 exhausting minutes!
      Well, whaddaya know?   There seem to have been a couple more photos of the Water Polo Suit!   In this pose, I seem to be celebrating how skinny I am in the ribs.   And, wonders of wonders, both the suit and Harold are wet for a change!!   Could this have been made during an actual swimming session?   Perceptive viewers may note that I seem to be wearing a hard cup under the suit.   It was probably the Olympia. Pool End Polo Poser
Welcoming Water Polo Poser       While not the ideal outfit for sunbathing, the Rubber Water Polo Suit's bright color can be pressed into such service.  The available camera angles were rather limited, but we think these two came out pretty well.   Only at the beach or in the pool is the camera angle shown at left easily achieved!
      And to round out the page, we present the photo below.   The camera cut off my toes, and I did a little more cropping.  We didn't want to risk having my suit scroll off the page, you know!
Alas, TruWest has ceased making rubber suits. May they fabric well.
Horizontal Polo Sunbather
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