Hot Tub Briefs -- Page One

Latex Briefs, Rubber Trunks
in Lusty Hot Tub Settings!!!

This page was last updated on: January 2nd, 2006
     Welcome to my Hot Tub, but don't expect to just lounge around! We'll throw in a few photos that are rather sedentary, but this is an active playstation at Leather Oaks, ya'undertstand?!   We may start slow, but I bet we'll be playing in hard, hot water pretty soon<G>!
Posing or Playing?         Fact of the matter, this brings up a good topic for one of my infrequent mini-essays!  Have you ever noticed how people just freeze up when you bring a camera around?   I know I do, but that's not what I hoped that this Site would be about.   Click on my Black Bulge to find out more!
        Let's get rid of those oldies/mouldies right off, Okay?   If memory serves, this was a picture of the Arena Water Polo briefs.   They lasted a year or two before going the way of most coated fabric garments. 
Arena Water Polo Briefs
Arena Briefs Profile         A lot of my early digital photos suffer from a couple of user-induced problems:   I didn't realize how important it was when I started to employ the maximum resolution setting of the camera at all times!  Second, I learned the hard way (from losing some beautiful shots) to keep the original, unmodified file on any photo I ever wanted to use.  The good news is that this is probably the worst photo in the Hot Briefs Section.
     Another early favorite, in the hot tub and on dry land, were these contoured latex trunks.   The legs are just an inch or two long, but they hold in place wonderfully, even when a couple of early JockUps are keeping them pleasurably stressed! Contoured Latex Trunks
Contoured Trunks, Right Profile        One last photo of these trunks for now.  I'll have to dig them out for next season!
        The only extant photo of the Bermuda length latex trunks.   They were actually one size too small for me, and eventually split at the crotch.  The supplier is out of business, alas, and I've been unable to locate the maker of either these trunks or those in the previous photo!  Although molded latex, they were remarkably long-lived. Bermuda Length Latex Trunks
Latex Tanktop and Trunks        This getting wet business, a man just has to go slowly!   We'll get there, trust me!   An old latex tanksuit, probably one of those anatomically correct ones, with latex trunks.   I guess I could have at least wiped the talc off before pressing the timer?
       Much better!  I think this is probably one of those anatomically correct suits, with a rubber jockstrap worn over the top. Latex Tanksuit and Rubberjock
Latex Layers unknown        Not sure exactly what's going on, as it would appear that there might be some amber latex under the black.  This is from the beginning of the infamous "translucent rubber" section!
      Ah Kyle!  Glad to see you buddy!  Kyle was a Slimwear of America cut latex brief, highly modified for better bulge conformance.  Somehow, I didn't feel buoyant enough, so I added the lime green life preserver. Kyle Reclining
Kyle and Green Lime Support         You still think this is pretty tame, right?   Kyle did at least get me in the water!
      The second page of the Hot Briefs section is devoted to more of Kyle's activities, and a visit by his devilish cousin, Turquoise Tom!   Click on my old Leatherjock and we'll have you in hot water in a jiffy!  Enjoy!
Kyle and Tom, this way!!
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