Posing versus Doing

Pleasureable Posing

Photographic Pain versus Pleasure

     One thing has been brought home to me as I prepare the Rubber Section for publication.  It's a lot harder to pose than to take action!   I guess dissimulation has never been my strong suit; I'm much fonder of getting out and doing something!   It's no accident that some of my best photos come at least with the pretention of purpose beyond smiling for the camera.  Viewers know for a certainty that I seldom remember to do the latter!

     Probably more than most, the Hot Tub and Endless Pool Sections are devoted to activities and the gear I wear for those enjoyable pursuits.   So you'll find more smiles, and lots more action in ways that invigorate a man who's very inclined towards sensual pleasures!

     Practically all of these photos are taken using a timer that gives me a maximum of 14 seconds to get back in place.  Sometimes I don't completely make it, while again sometimes the results are much better than I could have achieve on commmand.  In all, the wetter and more rubbery the pose, the better the lust and deeper the enjoyment.  Hope that comes through!   I do know that revisiting these old photos makes me want to get out and get wet, -- in RUBBER ! ! !