Latex Surfer's Suit

Latex Tanksuit Bound, Booted and Bulged!!!

This page was last updated on: January 16th, 2006
     It appears that it's going to be Sofa Surfing for this sexy suit!  And, I apparently had not turned on the flash setting of my camera, so we also get some rather moody photos, to boot!
        So here I was butt-surfing this great leather sofa back, minding my own business, and bulging like a rubberman.  Wouldn't you look smug under like conditions?
Latex Sofa Butt-Backed Rider
IronAge Boots and Latex Suit         Those old Iron Age waders always look sharp!  They seem to be part of the uniform for latex-wearing sofa-back riders, don't you find?!
        My right profile is usually the best.  The Pegasus lifting belt is my most comfortable and gives one more excuse for the latex to caress my skin. Latex Surfer Right Profile
Latex Surfer Back        It was a mid-width, fur-lined leather collar I was wearing over the high neck of this sufer's suit.  Yes, the zipper does run all of the way through the crotch, and I believe that there are two pulls.
        Suppose we add some more leather, and a touch of chain to my latex suit?   Would it look something like this?  The collar was a find from a bondage apparel maker in Detroit!   It's a fairly plain leather biker's skin cap worn with it. High-necked Bondage Collar on Surfer's suit
Businesslike Bulge in Latex Suit        I think we have a contact sports bulge going on here:  Sure looks like the rib designs of the Giant Banana hardcup defining my basket.  Knock-Knock, anyone?!
        I'm not so much snobbish, as showing off that great collar!  It's surprisingly comfortable, although I won't be winning many points for appearing humble while I'm wearing it, will I?
       There's a linked photo closeup of the collar and chains that some of you may not have seen yet!
Stiff-necked Posture!!
Heading Downstairs       Finally heading back downstairs!  Where do you suppose we're going next?  Never did get to see the Siren fireboots in full, did we?
       Wow!  This is a change, from a towering staircase, to a rubber floor!   And even unadorned and unpolished, the old latex surfer suit keeps loving its job!  In this photo, you can see the high collar that gave it its name.  The Bata boots were my first such "rubber" purchase, although they're probably really PVC. Floored Latex Suit
Hose-wrapped rubberman        Being in the garage as we were, and surrounded by the usual tools and appliances common to such an environment.  Is there something more you can use a ShopVac for, than as a not terribly comfortable seat?  And these hoses, where do they go anyway?  There is a linked photo with not many more answers, either!
        I don't expect there will be a whole lot of surf kick up in my Endless Pool, but current is another story.  A fitting way to leave this great suit, in anticipation of getting wet! Latex Endless Pose
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