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The Green Rubber Frog and his Kin!!!

This page was last updated on: January 7th, 2006
     Green Frog  Green Rubber Frog!  This pesky Green Rubber Frog keeps haunting my site.  Sometimes he shows up pretending to be a Rubber Monkey, but we know it's all a masquerade!!  Well, I've decided to call his bluff.  Let's see if he can hold his own for a whole page on my Site!  Take it away, little Rubber Frog, if you can.
       Thanks, Master Harold!  You know, I've long admired your site, all of us rubber frogs do, but sometimes you're so boring!  All of those black and blue photos.  Well, red and orange, but just not enough healthy, hearty, pond-scummy GREENS!!!   I'm sorry sir, I got carried away.  Ahem.
       It all started late one night on the Leather Oaks deck.  Me and my buddies were enjoying a great croaking chorus when all of a sudden I seemed to grow!
Magnified Green Frog!!
Second Green Frog Look!         I turned this way and that, trying to get my bearings.  Suddenly my world seemed so small, my brothers mere spots on the deck of life.
     Then I spotted the Hot Tub.  Where formerly, it would have taken me several hops and climbs to make my way into its humid warmth, now it was mere seconds' work!  With abilities I didn't know I possessed, I removed the cover and jumped into the warm, comforting waters. Green Frog Energized
Standing Green Frog        I found I was able to stand on my hind legs!  My skin felt strangely dry somehow.
        I dived into the shallow tub, came up with my skin feeling alive.  It must have looked better too as I sensed a camera's flash. Damp Green Frog
Hopping Green Frog        I hopped onto the tub edge, enjoying the new sensations of water streaming down my strangely fabric-like legs.
        What's this new feeling?  I sense a growth on my face, it can't be hair?  No, frogs don't grow beards! Green Frog Masking!
Frog-eyed Green Frog        My vision is changing!  It's like I'm seeing through green tunnels!   And my face feels more rubber-like than before.
       Is the fog coming up?   Things are beginning to get a mite misty! Misty-eyed Green Frog
Green Scaled Hands!        What's this?  The same thing that changed my head, is it now growing on my hands?  I'm beginning to feel so ALIEN!!
       Yes, I believe that the mists are beginnig to rise even more!  Are the vapors of the night affecting me in some strange way??  At least, yes, my black male frogginess qualities still seem viable.
      Click Harold's Leatherjock, to continue this harrowing tale of green frogginess gone foggy!! Green Rubber Frog Continues!!!
Black Male Frogginess Confirmed
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