Rubber Alternatives -- Page Two

The Green Rubber Frog and his Kin!!!

This page was last updated on: January 7th, 2006
     The Strange, Sad Saga of the Green Frog Continues:
       So, where was I?   Oh yes, in a misty fog.   Yes, I remember clearly now!   The fog was worsening, and I could hardly see the green rubber scales growing on my right hand.
Froggy Hand-hiding Fog!
Green Frog about to Jump!         This fog is Vaprous!   I know it!   I'm going to jump while I still can!
     That's better, but where am I??   Had no idea I could jump so far; I must cleared the whole house!   Guess I'll have to explain to Harold about the hole in his deck cover:   My head sure feels funny, too. Green Frog Monster?!
Green Frog in Magic Tunnel        If this is the Magic Tunnel, have I been transformed?   My whole head feels bigger and evil, and my legs are green rubber!
        There seems to be a little more light that way.   Do you think I can hop out of this nightmare? Green Frog in Nightmare Tunnel
Green Frog in Transformation         Yes, there is light! . . . I can see again!!   Ah, Praise Rubber ! !
        In my relief and exhasustion, I must have slept, a troubled froggy's sleep.   When I awoke, it was early morning, and I was on a covered porch. Porched Green Rubber Frog
Green Frog Transformation Continues        Oh this is better, my nice black leather harness is back, I'm almost unchained now!   But I feel a funny draft down below.   Blue Balls!   Oh mercy, Blue Balls??!!
       Blue Balls.   I just can't get over it!   What will I ever tell the guys in my pond?   Where is my pond?   Where is Harold?   Harold, Help!!! Bullging Blueballed Green Frog
Modern Mailed Green Frog        Oh thank you, thank you, my friend, honorary frog!! The bronze even matches my new grungy green legs!   I'm a re-made Green Frog!
      Err, thank you Green Frog.   I'm glad I was able to assist.   Speaking of assistance, if anyone needs help in getting back to the Rubber Department Selection Page, just click on my Leatherjock.   I'll be with you as soon as I help my friend back to his rubber pond! Rubber Choices, anyone?!!
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