Waffled and Wet -- Page Six

Waffled Trunks, Slickskin Vest
and Various Waders!!!

This page was last updated on: January 1st, 2006
     The focus of this page is again the "Waffled" in the title!   We're going to get closer to my favorite neoprene trunks, and enjoy their visual and sensual aspects.  There's photos from two recent sessions, so we'll sort of intermingle them.
      Both sets are also post-Katrina, and include some props related to that event.  In this first photo, I'm working on the plans for the new deck cover's underlying color panels.
Plan Pondering
Panel Pondering         Let's see, if pink goes next to creme, what goes next to pink?     The color names were actually MayApple (yellow) and Saddlery (deep reddish brown), but in the wood primer, they looked more like the first two colors.
     Leather Oaks, the Rural {or Suburban<G>} Location, is now shaded by eight trees less than it was earlier!  In this mid-October pose, I'm resting next to the crotch of a large cedar tree that fell across my back yard, narrowly missing my house and garage.   (There's a linked photo for those who want to see that sort of thing.)   In times of stress, I return to the most tried and enjoyed gear, the waffled bulge trunks and my three-zipper SlickSkin vest.   And of course, my Ranger Firemaster boots. Cedar Crotch Pose
Pouch Pummeling        Seems to be stress relieving time!   Videos take so much space, but this could be taken as a freeze frame of a favored practice for relieving stress.   Don't try this unsupervised!
        You can tell I'm relaxing some since I'm actually able to take myself in hand, so to speak!   We could use this interlude to point out that the trunks are folded down about three inches at the waist:   Normally, I could wear a lifting belt over the neoprene, but this way one gets the additional feel of leather on skin, not a bad thing.
      But, you see how much more relaxed and comfortable I already appear?   Proper male therapy, my friend, nothing less.
Groped Pouch
Cedar Crotch Seating        When I first saw this thing in my back yard, left by the roofers-turned-loggers because it was too heavy for them, I thought, "Bench!"   Dug out my two wheel dolly, and when the contractor's foreman came by, I asked him to help me cart it to the front porch.   Believe me, it has some surprisingly comfortable curves!
       Except for the rattan blinds being shredded by the winds, my deck was spared of practically any Katrina damage.  Cleaned and with a real metal roof now, it's once more a refuge from the world.
      You can see how low I folded the trunks in this picture.   Those "black/brown" waders look great with them, too!
Waffled Trunks Butt View
Caught Being Watched?        Even without the waistband folded, these trunks fit so well, that one never even notices the sweat.  They just keep feeling better, even when someone surprises me!
      One more picture of my new cedar crotch friend! I'm told my roofing contractor tried to appropriate this thing for "firewood", once I'd rescued it from the back yard.   Fortunately, his foreman spoke up and told him it was now porch furniture!  Let's hear it for outspoken Foremen!!
It's a tradition on the Gulf Coast that after a big hurricane, the American Flags just sprout out everywhere.  Well, mine's been in place for years, and perhaps it's comforting to know we're pulling together on this.
Flag-gazing Rubberman
Right-shouldered Butt View         I think this may be the best of the over-the-shoulder poses! I'm not frowning, and my rear cleavage actually shows just a little bit.  I like it!   Hope you do!
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