Dry Suits -- Page One

Black Rubber Diving Suit
and Does it Stay Dry??!!

This page was last updated on: January 17th, 2006
     Since my rather unpleasant run-in with the current management of the Aquala ® Rubber Diving Suits, I mostly gave the field a large berth.  Then I got to see some of the other makers' suits first hand, and figured they might be fun to try.  Someone had already introduced me to Dave of Cover-Up, and I finally caught a blemished suit up at a reasonable price.
       Seems we've jumped right into the thing!  Appears to be a rather plain latex hood worn inside the Quintana Roo Full Suit.
Gates Amron over Quintana Roo
Head and Sleeves         Well, that wasn't so hard, I've head and sleeves in place already.   Do you suppose my photographer offered any help?
Right Sleeve Tug     It appears I spoke too soon!  My fingers were through both wrist seals, but a lot of tugging was still to be done.   To the left and right of us are parts of that struggle! Left Sleeve Tug
Collared Dry Suit Adjustment        Well, this seems like progress!  I'm getting the collar adjusted, so we must be getting close!
        Can you dive in a SmokeEater's mask?   Can you spell pretend?
Masked Drysuiter
        Ah, the Hot Tub!  Just what one needs when already wearing both neoprene and "dry" insulation!!  Guess we might as well play along for awhile.
Hot Tubbed Drysuiter
Tub Perched Drysuiter        Am I trying to decide whether it's cooler inside or out?  Maybe it's all just relative, what then?
        If you look carefuly on the suit's chest, you can see the blank area where one of the valves would be.   Since this suit is a "blem", one isn't supposed to install valves.  No one has mentioned any restriction on male bulges and the display thereof with respect to this suit, though.
        There's a similar view taken in the hot tub, if you want to click on the linked photo.
Tub-side Bulge
       Another horizontally diplayed vision of the suit in its hot tub testing series.  Somehow, the tub just doesn't seem to be wide enough!!
Hot Tub DrySuit Test Sequence
       Oh, I see, if I turn long ways of the tub, it will work better?  Sure looks fuzzy and foamy out there!!
Spread Cortch Drysuit Test
Post Dive Drysuit Glow        I don't guess I get any points with PADI for this "dive", do I?  Guess I'll just have to enjoy the glow alone.
       Now, why was it they call this a DRY suit?   Well, yes, I guess I had gotten in the water with the Quintana Roo first, so maybe that's it!
      We're about to leave the black rubber zone for a short period.   Please click Harold's Leatherjock, to continue to the Orange DrySuit page!! An Orange Viking??!!!
Quintana Roo Pre-dampened?
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