Waffled and Wet -- Page Five

Aquaman Pulsar 2000 Triathlon Wetsuit
and Black Military Hip Waders!!!

This page was last updated on: January 1st, 2006
     The newest member of my stable of sinfully sensuous wetsuits is the Aquaman Pulsar.   I'm happy that buying something which should have been too small for me has had such a good outcome!  It took some detective work on their web site to conclude that since this suit was made, they've gone from one system of size designations to another.   That's why everyone was uncertain, and therefore not bidding. Aquaman and Tex
Aquaman and Waders      My Departmental Statue friend Tex, said that if I was going to stand by him, he expected me to be in proper footwear.  The guy's really gotten demanding since he appropriated my old pair of ProLine waders for his own simulated stone feet!   "Yes Sir, Tex, anything you say!!"
     After carefully examining the Aquaman artwork, I've concluded it has nothing to do with water or aquatic figures, but with outer space.   Someone must have decided that's what a pulsar would look like! Aquaman and Tex in Tandem
Primitively Polished Pulsar        It's definitely a lick and a promise polish job!  One of the great features of this suit is the fairly low collar with rolled smoothskin neoprene seal.   It feels a great as it looks.
        Two poses so close to one another, I had to go back and look very carefully to be sure it wasn't the same file!   By a small margin, this one is better, and I guess I'm not going to finish polishing my arms.  Oh, well! Smiling Aquaman
Aquaman Right Profile        At least I got polish on my right shoulder.  Usually, my right profile is better. 
       This pose didn't feel as awkward at the time as it appears!  And it has the advantage of giving a clear view of my rather understated bulge.  Will definitely have to up the amperage in the next session with Mister Aquaman and his Pulsar! Aquaman and low-rise Bulge
Aquaman on Display        Finally, Tex let me sit at his feet:   What an honor!  A very clear view of the seemingly astronomically-based Pulsar artwork.
      There's legends and logos on both arms, and banners down the legs.  Someone swimming rapidly in one of these suits must be a veritble blur of advertising mania!   Maybe I'll take separate pictures of each if there's a ground swell of interest. Tex-gazing Aquaman
Aquaman to the Future         Well, Tex says I really ought to be going, or at least move off of his footstool.  Despite the uneven polishing, this is a good crotch pose.   There's just a hint of male bulge, and no folds or stretch marks anywhere!
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