Chemical Rubber

Booted Rubber Suit
Bedded, Hooded and Tubbed!!!

This page was last updated on: January 15th, 2006
     You never know what might lurk on the floor of an authentic "surplus store", such as there is on Old Route 66 in Albuquerque.  I was trying to find the mates to two intrigueing yellow-tipped rubber boots, and kept pulling deeper into the pile of abandoned gear on the floor.  Finally I found what at first seemed to be a wad of green rubber.   But there were boots stuck to the mass.  I pried enough apart to find that it was an old chemical protective coverall, of a design I'd not found before.  Took it back up to the counter in its original wadded condition, and was offered a very low price to take it off their hands. Partially opened Chem Suit
One Foot in Chem Suit         Back in my apartment, it took some persuasion and a good portion of a bottle of ArmorAll, to open the suit up enough to safely climb in it.  You can't rush these things, you know!
     It's on up to my torso, now will I ever get those sleeves opened back up? Torsoed Rubber Chem Suit
Right arm in Chem Suit        Looks like my right arm is about to find its way into the suit's sleeve.
        Appears as if I made it!   Still a few adjustments to make, I reckon. Chm Suit mostly ON!
Chem Suit Rubbergloved Grope        No I don't know what might be in there, but it seems to be operational as a suit!
        Well!  This is a sudden change!  I seem to have fallen into the tub in a mass of soap bubbles! Chemsuit Rubber Shower
Chemsuit Soap-off        It appears that the great rubber suit soap-off is in progress!   This seemed an important step towards continuing the restoration of a great old suit!!
       Now you're probably thinking about now that it would be a lot easier to throw the suit in the sink and start shoving at it.  I ask you, would you do that to such an old trooper?  There's no telling what sort of stories this old suit could tell, nor what indecencies it's formerly endured.  I think personal, attentive cleaning is the only way to truly restore a proper rubberman/ rubbersuit relationship! Personal Rubbersuit Cleaning
Rubbersut Rinsing!        It seems we're about in the rinse cycle!   How did I get the suit dry and restored on the inside?  Memory fails at this time, but the suit's doing fine, thank you very much!
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