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The Fabulous Koala Thong Spread -- Minimalism Maximized!!

This page was last updated on: December 28th, 2005
     This Koala thing.   The Koala Swimwear Company makes some really incredible suits, but I really have the impression most of their apparel never sees a pool, lake or sea.  Sadly, I had put aside most of their suits as impractical until I bought my own pool. All of a sudden, hidden urges to try swimming in anything (and yes, in nothing, too) began emerging.
      I dug out my "rubber" swim thong, and found it actually was more servicable than I expected.   Hasn't fallen off, though I've really put it to the test!  Here's the full-sized version of the linking picture.  There were two almost identical poses, so I bet you can see the other one by clicking on the first.
Koala Thonged Swimmer at Work
Seated Koala Pose About half of my Koala photos are of the thong alone.  Well, there's perthaps a discrete JockUp inside, just to obscure my Orange Silicone O-rings!  I'll leave it to the viewer to figure out which are and are not.  The last three photos date from June, 2004.
     Step forward a year, and a brightly repainted garage, and this is the result! Koala Thong in Spring 2005
Shadowed Koala Thong        The sun cooperated very nicely for these two photos!  And I actually smiled, too!   In fact I was so overcome with sunny confidence that I turned my back to the camera.  Not my best view, if you dare to follow that link, but not bad either!
Things get a bit dicier now!  Many of you may know that I tend to wear jockstraps all the time, and a tiny thong such as this posed an almost insurmountable problem.    I needed something to hold a JockUp in place, too.  The SafeTGard swimjocks have a particularly narrow waistband though, and I figured if I used a black one, then maybe it would work.   The first photo shows the combination with both waistbands plainly in view.  Would you be terribly surprised if I told you these jockstrap-enhanced photos were also made in June, 2005? Koala Thong and Black Swimjock
Koala Thong Hiding Swimjock! It's all in careful basket arrangement and attention to details!  The swimjock's waistband has all but disappeared!  And my bulge has developed the deep thrust and definition I prefer in all of my attire.
I think this rear view came out so neat that I'm not going to hide it behind a link!   Nothing is esxposed, but the construction details are clearly visible.  Not only that, I did an outstanding job of getting all the straps symmetrically arranged, too! Koala Thong and Swimjock Posterior View
Koala Thong and Blue Swimjock       Well, let's see, what comes after black?  Could it be blue?  Sort of, I guess!  Apparently, I find blue more highly arousing than black:   That's quite a mound, I'd say!!
      Mercy!  In closeup, it looks insurmountable, don't know if I could ever concentrate on my swimming strokes, but it would be fun to try.  The containment effects of the swimjock's pouch are truly being tested and seem to be doing a great job. Closeup of Koala Thong and Blue Swimjock
Adjusted Koala and Blue Swimjock       Well, sunny beaches, that came out pretty well, after all!   For those who're keeping score, these three photos were made in August, 2005.
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