Waffled and Wet -- Page Three

Surfer's Farmer John Wetsuit, Firefigher's Hip Boots,
and Male Sensual Overload!!!

This page was last updated on: January 1st, 2006
     These great Farmer Johns came from an eBayer in England.   When I first got them, the smooth neoprene still had traces of a printed name in white paint on the front chest.   Their former owner had not bought them new, and neither he nor I could ever tell who made them.
      If the suit could talk, I think it would say, "You must be putting me on," especially considering the bulge I'm packing down there!!   I'm betting that's two Knuckled Foam JockUps doing the bulge assist!
Farmer John Put-On!
InnerTube Vest on Farmer John      This is a neat photo, and let me tell you why!  I'm wearing an innertube vest over the Farmer John!  I have no memory of doing this, but I'm going to try it again in my afternoon swim! 
     Here is a photo showing me donning the vest.  Yes, I made it from pieces of two old inner tubes. I remember carefully matching the curves and patterns on the inner tube pieces to achieve a uniform effect. Donning the IT Vest!
Vest and Farmer John in Profile        Viewing the Vest and Farmer Johns from the side.   The vest stops suddenly, so using a lifting belt over it does keep the edge from showing.  Thanks for helping me rediscover my own past!!
        This session is from a year or so earlier than the last, but shows how versatile my neoprene Farmer Johns can be!  Frequent visitors to my site may have noted my tendency to use gear in ways it wasn't intended, and even as a different article.  How about the Farmer Johns as pants?  The neoprene is flexible enough that I can fold the top of the suit inside and dress it down below the waist. Neoprene Pants?
Lifting Belted Neoprene Pants        Here's a second view of the same arrangement.   Yes, it's those great Siren Fireboots:  They seem to turn up in a lot of my better photos.   I guess quality attracts quality!
       A kneeling photo brings the Farmer Johns down closer to earth.  The setting for all three of these photos is in the fronds of a big Sago Palm in my front yard. Kneeling Neoprene Man
Farmer John Butt View        Some of the best photos aren't planned.   When a friend was visiting me last year, we took extensive photos of each other, both out in the woods, and around my Endless Pool!   You'll see a lot of Mack's efforts in my Swimming Endlessly Section.  I thought that I was moving into another pose when Mack snapped this shot.   It may not appeal to you, but I think that this is one tough picture!!
      You've seen one photo from this next set.  Now you get to see the construction sequence.  This time, my Farmer John suit is teamed with a hooded neoprene shirt.   The shirt's a little on the big size for me, and altering its size hasn't come up on my must do list yet!  So, getting the two to work well together takes some doing! Shoulder Straps found
Smiling Layered Rubberman         Well, that went pretty well.   I guess you might figure that swimming was in my future for getting in this particular outfit.  Don't expect it would lounge well<G>!
      Another pose in the Two-layered, Neoprene Farmer John and Hooded Vest combination.  There is one more pose from this sesssion, but we're saving it for the next page!
      You've reached the halfway point on your journey through the Waffled and Wetsuits Section.   Here's the link to Waffled, Page Four . . . .  Enjoy!
Miscellaneous Neoprene Garb, this way!!
Hodded Farmer Johns Layering
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