Waffled and Wet -- Page Four

Triathlon Farmer John Wetsuit, Firefigher's Hip Boots,
and Male Sensual Overload!!!

This page was last updated on: January 1st, 2006
     I'm happy to report I've deciphered the brand of these surfer Farmer Johns, for such they more correctly should be termed.  It's "Surfer Natural".  Clever, isn't it?  A quick look using several search engines turned up no reference to this company. The fact that the legs from knee level down is fabric should have been my clue! Surfer's Farmer John, Amplified
O'Neill Heat Windsurfer's Suit      This heavy suit has proven to be interesting for several uses other than the manufacturer's intent.  It's supposed to be intended for windsurfers, but I was nonplussed by the large amount of nylon fabric showing.  It's also the only suit in which I've SCUBA dived!  Was this pose part of my limbering up exercises for some campaign or other?
     A kneeling pose in the same suit.  I think in my one diving adventure, I wore a hooded vest under the O'Neill Heat, and still wasn't overly warm! Kneeling O'Neill Heat wearer
Beard Tufts in Hood!        The Hot Suit seated.   Sort of a Mutt and Jeff effect caused by my beard not fully fitting inside the hood.  Despite the O'Neill's full 6 mm thickness of fairly dense neoprene, I can still produce a reasonably flattering bulge!
        Speaking of bulges (we were, weren't we?), here's a pair of trunks that have that as practically their only reason for being.  I even called them my Neoprene Superfront Trunks!   Made from my first Farmer John in smooth neoprene, they were planned to hold at least two of my thickest Knuckled Foam JockUps, and I think they do so with surprising comfort.  {There is a page devoted to them alone on my JockUps site, if you wish to refresh your memory:  Here's the link to the Superfront page.}  Because it happened to be rather cool weather when these photos were made, the Superfront Trunks are paired with my hooded short-sleeved neoprene shirt. Superfront Trunks and Hooded Shirt
Superfront Trunks in Profile        Here's a second view of the same arrangement.   The great expanded fly area shows up well in profile.  That was quite a challenge installing a zipper on a curved surface!
       The Superfront Trunks were a lot snugger in the legs than at the waist.  They tended to ride down if I wasn't careful, so in this photo, over the loose-fitting shirt, I was wearing a wideband jockstrap, the top portion of its waistband folded over the waist of the trunks.  A "belt" cut from another old pair of neoprene pants gives additional pressure.  I've since then adjusted the waist to help them stay in place. Superfront Turnks in Right Profile
Seated Superfront        In this seated photo, you can see that the trunks are trying to inch down.  Considering that I seem to have recently been dunked in the pool, perhaps that's to be expected.  We'll have to remake this photo sometime!
      I have five suits very similar to this one.   When I was just getting interested in smoothskin neoprene, they were offered by a surplus company for only $30 to $40 each. At those prices, I didn't mind experimenting, cutting cod holes, and making codpieces from inner tube rubber, etc.  This photo is of my cod-modified copy of the shorty suit.   (It was also made in a Farmer John version.)  A Chicago man made the Inner Tube Rubberjock that's holding my Melon Foam JockUp in place. Nudeoprene Shorty CodSuit
Gardassian Imposter?         My Goodness, it appears that a Gardassian Imposter has taken my Nudeoprene wetsuit hostage, perhaps with me still wearing it.  What is a Gardassian, anyway?  For your information, "Nudeoprene" was the term I applied to smoothskin neoprene before I knew there was a word for it<G>!
      Well, Whaddaya know?!   I just happen to have one final pose of the "Surfer Natural" suit, with my usually supernatural bulge surprisingly subdued!  It's just as well, since it's such a beautiful, "spread crotch" pose.   Wouldn't want to use all my finer points in one photo, you know.
      This completes Page Four of the Waffled and Wetsuits Section.   Here's the link to Waffled, Page Five . . . .  Dive right In!
Aquaman Pulsar Triathon Suit, anyone?
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