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More Ways to say Wetsuit and Grin! -- Continued

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This Page Updated on December 22nd, 2008
Harold Takes an October Oasis

The October Oasis Page

     Six or eight years ago, I visited some rubber-loving friends up in Maryland. Jim had this really fantastic old windsurfer's drysuit called an Oasis. I got to wear it for a memorable couple of hours, and it was truly an oasis of pleasure. The pleasure had to end, as Jim also enjoyed the old suit, and wasn't willing to part with it.
      On my way home from Greenland the week after Katrina, I got to visit again with the same two men. This time, Jim made me a gift of the old yellow and black Oasis!
      Needless to repeat, it was rather warm on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that September, so I waited impatiently for a break in the heat. Finally, in mid-October, the temperature moderated. I set the alarm for an early rising, donned that heavy suit, and went on a two hour motorcycle ride! The photos report the before and after scenes of that experience.

The Iron Ponder Page

     The Ironman was really my second triathlon wetsuit, but in many ways the first fun suit I owned!
     This page presents the Ironman as I inspect the recovering Leather Oaks Pond. Is that you back there, Pipe? What ARE you up to??
Harold Upstaging Pipe?
Heated Tower Preparations

The Heated Sawzall Page

     One of the more sadly missed losses, post Katrina, has been my 65-foot FM antenna tower. I had big hopes of getting it back up shortly, but they've not been realized yet.
      This session is about preparing the old base to accept the new sections. It was cool enough that the obliging HEAT wetsuit really felt great.

The Julio Facelift

     Poor Julio! He lives a rather exposed life out on my front porch, and has taken more than his fair share of licks and indignities. Even while rescuing him from the downed shrubbery, it was clear that this time he needed more than a brushing off! A replacement was considered, but he seemed basically sound. There followed several hours of sanding, wire-brush treatments and straightening of dented members, before he was ready for his new paint job.
Julio's getting Sprayed, and he likes it!
Harold's unearthed but seeking more mud?

The Red Earth Play Session

     Being buried in red earth was so much fun, it seemed a shame to end it. This page will probably not be as wild as some would hope, but it's modesty on my part, not on Mike's: His photos told it ALL, and more.

Heated Rider

     Haven't you always wanted a bucket ride of your very own? You probably were considering one of those huge, yellow Kobelco track hoes.
      My neighbor Mike has one of those, but the operating costs are too great to use it as a toy. He offered his little garden tractor, and it did seem more my size, anyway. Wanna hop in with me? I can make room!
Harold in an Earthy Load
SquirmSuit atop Live Oak Stump

The Stump and Stream Story

     These topics don't go together, but they don't fare well apart either. As the big Live Oak in my front yard was a focal point, so has its stump become. We added a bunch of dirt, sprigged Monkey grass back on the slopes and more or less left it alone for two years.
      The Skeletal Stream was another story, and you've read of its rebirth elsewhere. This just gives me an excuse to show you these Pleather photos with the Skeletal Stream as their backdrop.