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This Page Created on December 23rd, 2008
JockUps and Neoprene Shorts add protection and projection Red Earth and jockstraps? What possible connection could there be between those two topics? That earth's too dry to matter! Well, you really shouldn't have asked. The answer is visual and visceral. Clay ball painting
Harold in Clean Jockstraps Mike took 88 photos of this session, encouraging me into activities that I would never publish. February Sunbathing That still leaves about three dozen. And I'm sure some viewers will feel my standards should be higher! Green Sprigged Bulge
Jock pouch clay rub Even though thumbnailers don't usually take the trouble, we've also provided ALT text for each image, giving you a hint of what particular earthy focus might have been there for some to see. Barebutt Bulge Grind ALT Text? That's what shows up when you "Hover" over a photo with your mouse. But you knew that, right? Red clay pouch smile
Red clay chest rub We'll sandwich a few comments between every photo, but you don't have to read them in any particular order, as they'll be mostly general feelings about mud and playing in it. Red clay chest and pouch The session began from the red earth burial. After its conclusion, I was rather warm. Red clay contemplation
Red Clay pouch So stripping down to my jocks (actually two of them, layered) seemed a sensible approach. Red Earth Lounger At first, they were unpromissingly clean. This of course had to be addressed rigorously. Red Clay Smile
Red clay painted pouch! Soon, an appropriate patina of red clay began to build. Red Earther Pose Jockstraps are always the basis of my bulge. Usually manly lust is enough! Confident Red Earther!
Earthing the jock pouch Internal earth seemed to be required to build the desired coating depth. More Earth! Extra moisture was readily available for better coating potential. Red Earther ready to pounce!
Standing Red Earthman An earthman has internal confidence regardless of location or apparel. Clods to Balls Primal Pouch Packing. Never use socks, but real earth clods and padding are pure pleasures! Red Earthman Pleasure!
Rugged Red Earth Jockstrap Pose A well-earthed jocktrap demands to be displayed! Two jockstraps exposed The internal jock has remained surprisingly earth free. Perhaps that can be remedied? Earthman Sunning again
Earthy Sprinkles! Earthy sprinkles may help. Yes, I believe it's an excellent plan. Seated Red Earther My jockstrap's just about disappeared under that general coating of red earth! Red Earth Sample
Singlet and Boots Pull my gear back on over that totally earthed out pair of jockstraps? Would I do that? Why, of course! Bulge Grabbing Man, that clay load feels great through the jocks, rubber gloves and all! Pouch Proud Red Earthman
One last grope for the road!      One last grope, before I head for my new mud hole. That's right, Mike made me a mudhole, that I got to use once before it filled in. If you've not already seen it, there's a link on the photo above to the right page. Enjoy!