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This Page Created on December 19th, 2008
Gentling into the oooze I have this thing about mud. I really like it. Well, maybe not cold mud as on a partly overcast day in early February! Mud pulling But, regardless of temperature, this earthy topic doesn't lend itself well to discourse. You either like it too, or you'll pass this page by! Sleeved mud
Right arm mudding So, what's a muddy web publsiher to do? Seems I'll just have to break my and thumbnail the 37 shots selected from the fifty-plus that Mike took that day. Left arm mudding We'll be sure to make the thumnails big enough to tell whether you need to "ZOOM" in for a closer look. Muddy thigh rub
Double mud pull Even though thumbnailers don't usually take the trouble, we've also provided ALT text for each image, giving you a hint of what particular earthy focus might have been there for some to see. Serious mud pleasuring ALT Text? That's what shows up when you "Hover" over a photo with your mouse. But you knew that, right? Spread arms of mud
Mud Steppin' Man! We'll sandwich a few comments between every photo, but you don't have to read them in any particular order, as they'll be mostly general feelings about mud and playing in it. Confident mud man By now, you've most likely already discovered that the first batch was exploratory in nature. We're talking mud painting lycra and neoprene surfaces, and coating sensitive skin. Mud Appreciation
Rubberman muddy thigh rub To be truthful, this was a very small wallow with lots of twigs and other potentially scratchy stuff to filter through. Returning to the wallow The soupy mess was the best part! That's when water and clay and humus all mix together and it looks and feels like a heavy stucco to man-paint and play with! Yeah -- Sybaritic, that's the word for it ! ! Working the wallow
Bulging Mudman Due to the available mud geography, mud diving wasn't an option. But how about mud surfing? Well again, maybe not! Serious mud coating under weigh! Mud planing, now that's a deal! Chest-based slithering, what an experience! Heavy Mud Chest Work!
Ah! That feels great! Homo Sapiens was destined to walk erect. But, Homo Humus is another story! That mud load has to be conjured with! Mud wallow kicking Even my Coon Hunter boots don't guarantee traction in the deepening wallow! Getting serious on muddy bulges
Cool mud feels great on a hot butt! Homo Humus Triumphant! That's what a good mud scene is all about. When the conditions are just right, one forgets about time and surroundings and just lusts for the mud. Mud planing, anyone? Primal Pouch Packing. Never use socks, but mud stuffing and mud padding are pure pleasures! My chest loves this treatment)
How low can a man grovel? Working up a new wallow is hard work, but I'm not too proud to do it! The feel of cool mud on a hot, rubber-clad butt is one of life's unspoken pleasures. Our beard and back are spared! Genital mud rubbing through lycra, neoprene and cotton jockstraps is a learned technique. One wants just enough of the muddy matter shared to assre a satisfying erotic response. The muddy Chested Rubberman Rises!
Is there a bottom to this wallow? Are you amazed that my beard and back stayed mud free? The beard is a mite surprising, but that cold mud would not have been fun on so much exposed skin! Can we get down one more time? Towards the end, I was getting a little cool. It would have been more sensible to wear a full wetsuit! Tentative muddy step
Oops!  Here goes nothing! Yes, I have, many times! And not that far from the site of this little wallow. There's this tiny creek about 300 yards through the woods. There is a way out, isn't there? There was a coating of pure clay back there for a whiile, the result of rain washing fill dirt from new construction sites as the subdivision built up. Let's try mud walking in this direction
The mud spider crawl I'd stuff so much clay in my old double-nylon "Pro Barracuda" wetsuit that I couldn't stand up. And really wouldn't have wanted to do so!

Alas, there was no "court photographer" for most of those sessions.

One muddy step for Harold That wasn't what gave me trouble standing here! The "wallow" was way below the surrounding ground's level. I almost couldn't "walk" out. So, I had to crawl and hope to avoid any scratchy stuff! One giant leap for mudkind
Mudman on Solid Ground!      All muddy things must come to an end, I'm told. Such was the case here, as I rather suspect I was heading for a hot shower the soonest possible!