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This Page Created on December 22nd, 2008
The O'Asis Smile! Had you noticed the apostrophe in the name? O'ASIS, it reads. Anyway, it was very early on an October morning, and the difficulties of closing a drysuit zipper had been successfully attended to, leaving me too warm to even pull on boots!
     Well, I should say! Someone appears to have just sprayed my suit with Son of a Gun! Those dribbles do look rather tacky at first, don't they? The Son of a Gun Treament Begins
The O'Asis Gleam grows      Oooh! Those dribbles look even tackier in this shot! The pose is so much more appealing, I just couldn't skip this one.
That Son of a Gun does soak in fast, and it seems to have found my Uniroyal Fire Boots, too. From that smile, I must have sensed how much better the old suit was looking. I sure knew how much better it was feeling! The O'ASIS Smile!
The O'ASIS Grin Shouts its pleasure I call this my Magic Portal. It looks even better by daylight. Sometimes in the dark it can really surprise a man!
Well, the light is much better in front of the garage. It's still a few minutes before 6:00 AM. The Son of a Gun treatment is near its most effective now. Don't you just love glistening rubber highlighted by male curves? Garage Front Pose
Huge Yellow Gloves!      This pair of Linesman's gloves are supposed to be yellow side in, but that's not the way I've used them. Turns out almost impossible to operate a camera remote wearing them, though!
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