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This Page Created on December 22nd, 2008
Yellow Gloves at Ready Well, I got one glove on, but the second will have to stay a promise!
     A favorite posing site, the stump of my old Live Oak tree. Eventually, we'll mound dirt over most of this. There are TWO poses that were so similar I couldn't pick just one. Click on the linked photo to see the other. It's an especial bonus if you enjoy open crotch shots! O'Neill on Live Oak Stump!
Yes, it feels great!      Perched on the stump's side, its cut ends making good boot rests, my grin tells you this pose felt even better! It must be getting close to riding time.
No, I don't believe I was able to stand while posing for this photo either. Legs almost behind each other, almost off balance, it was a moment of rubber truth. The most revealing point being that even thick neoprene can really pack a deeply defined bulge, with the right pose! Crossed-boot Bulge prominence!
Spread legs profile view And then again, a wide stance can look awfully good too, especially in three-quarters profile like this. Alright, let's hit the saddle and ride. I'll check back in with you in a couple of hours, okay?
I'm back, and the sun has thrown our previous posing location in deep shadows. So, finally we get some good photos in front of the house. The paint job was still new and my roofers had finally gotten the metal roof right on the front side of the house! Squinting Harold at 8:30
The Oasis in high relief      The Son of a Gun treatment has mellowed and blended fully with the old neoprene, no doubt helped by two hours of riding! I think this is a great photo to end the session with!
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