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Sensual Gardening -- Male-centric attitude Mandatory!
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This Page Created on February 17th, 2008
Last updated January 15th, 2013

The Dotted Leather Toga Page

     Is it Roman, is it Cave Man? We don't know, but we can tell you part of its history!
The Dotted Leather Toga Story
Don't you love my Natural Rubber Bridge?

The Grey Rubber Page

     There's a French company called Le Chameau that makes some of the most intriguing rubber boots. Generally, the surfaces are deliberately rough, and they most carefully avoid pure black.
     The industrial coloring seemed to call for a more utilitarian approach to their use. Let me see, is there any demand for human bridges, or frog tenders?

The Colorful Garden Rubber Page

     Ah, reds, oranges and blues! Good primary colors! We won't be blending into the background much on this page. And, yes, it does recap that agressively knuckled bulge!
You wanna visit my garden?  What's it worth to you?!
Neptune and Harold caught in an intimate moment

The Professional Photo Shoot

     Well, it's finally happened. First Martin Sargent did a voice-over of "selected" shots from my Website, then came in person to see for himself. Even Swedish and British media have expressed an interest, some more politely than others. The other day, a young man from "Next Door" (actually, Ocean Springs) asked to stop by with his camera and several high-powered lights and even higher-power lenses. Danin and his young helper were SO polite, that soon he had me and my male bondees in some really compromising and surprisingly enjoyable poses. Just how affectionate can a leatherman get with stone statues? Or rubber mannikins? Click that photo fast for the warmly intimate results.

The Grassy Rubberman Page

     Another Hot Garden Page exclusive, because it simply doesn't fit anywhere else! Neoprene rubber is so forgiving, except when sharp edges are in evidence, that one is encouraged to explore other forms of repose than the traditional. Check it out, and discover how I cleverly introduced a floral interest.
      Oh yeah, I guess I was into some harness for this session. I get these rubberman moments you know, when leather-enhanced displays of manliness are SOOO therapeutic! Fetal position? What's that ? ? ! !
Now where did that trail go?
      And oh yeah, two. The reason for my need for sybartically intense rest? It might have had something to do with the exhausting tour of the Leather Oaks Garden I'd just been on. You'd be tired too, if you'd had to drag twenty pounds of rubber, leather and steel around for a bleepin' hour of sightseeing!!
Ahh!  Nothing quite like a harnessed, spread-crotched relaxing moment in the grass!
Magic Portal Protector!

The Magic Portal Page

     The traditional starting point for all Leather Oaks Garden tours has been the passageway between my house and garage. I call it my Magic Portal. Even today, the yard changes character, becoming a garden as you walk down the path.

      There have been many photo sessions that included at least one or two images of this place. Assembled here are a few new ones, and some old favorites, although most have not been published previously.

Wetsuit Wanderings

     We've enjoyed a lot of really wonderful wetsuit weather recently, and I've been making the rubber most of it!
      I count around seven different outfits in three pages of photos taken most everywhere in the Garden. Hey, it's almost a tour, but such a pleasantly contaning rubber presence in each photo!
It's my bridge and I'll stop here if I want to!
Leather Briefed Bridge Crosser

The Leather and Skin Pages

     There haven't been that many really BRIEFLY attired photos taken recently, but last summer we more or less made up for it with two sessions!
      My friend Wolf followed me around with the camera while I was wearing BVD-style leather briefs. A few weeks later, I was working on the gate in my new privacy fence, and he recorded some great quilted leatherjock photos too.

The Earthy Rubber Session

      Is was one cool September morning last year. Somehow, just admiring my garden seemed inadequate. I needed to get closer to the earth, something seemed to be saying. I think the resulting photos record that I succeeded!
      Another point to be made. If you've been wondering about the backgrounds for the new Hot Garden pages, you'll get to see the source material, and their full-size montage basis. Don't miss this one!
I'm enjoying Rubber Creek in my own way!  You got a problem with that?
Pipe and I like this pond!

The Original Hot Garden Tour!

     You know, there are some really great poses that I didn't use the first time, including the one at the left!
      Maybe I'll revisit that session, what do you think?
      I know there are plenty of other Hot Garden candidate sessions waiting their turn, too, so we'll see!