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The Celebrated Entry to the Enchanted Garden

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This Page Created on January 15th, 2013
Shined Up Harold Greets You! Ah! The Magic Portal. It was my gardener Mark's idea to take the passageway between the house and garage and turn it into a path. It was nature that turned that simple path into a magic portal.
     The simple Beuchat wetsuit takes such a great sheen, it makes a perfect entry into the Magic Portal series.
     Early one October morning, just after Hurricane Katrina, I treated myself to a little rubber therapy in the Oneill Oasis drysuit. It's been featured on a couple of pages if you want to follow the link.
     The fatsia Japonicas in the foreground, and the branches of tall trees in the background give a hint at the transformation from my rather prosaic front yard to the different world of the back. Hence, the Magic Portal.
Early Morning in the Magic Portal
Rubber Kilted Portal Guard      Wow! Leather Oaks has Rubber Kilted Guards now. If you want to ask that question I'm sure is foremost in your mind, click the photo!
     Is the tour about to begin? Got your cell phones set to vibrate? Well, lets see what we can see! Getting set for the Tour
Rubber Knite Wetsuit, front and side views      The Rubber Knite wetsuit was such a sharp looking design when new, the Logo setting off a classically simple design that still built in a good male bulge. Check out the linked side view: I believe this was also an essentailly unenhanced bulge!
      Golly! I guess it was bound to happen. Our heavily harnessed guy thought he just had to get into the Magic Portal story! These shots were all part of a big October 2007 photo set.
     I bet there's a bulge enthusiast closeup linked to that photo. Want to check? We'll wait!
The Harnessed Rubberman is ready for You!
Shaded Rubberman, with Bulge      Way, way back, near the corner of the garage, the Harnessed Rubberman can be seen checking out the surroundings.
     He moves partway up the path. He looks towards his pond-liner waders booted feet. Harold Searches for Something
Proud Bulging Rubberman      Harold glances to the side, his bulge proudly thrust forward.
      The other magic of the Magic Portal is the always interesting shadows. Deep, bulge-enhancing shadows.
     Harold peers to the right, the deep shadows doing interesting things to details.
     The link will take you to the second page of Magic Portal photos.
Harold peers to the Right