The Leather Oaks Hot Garden -- The Magic Portal, Page Two

The Celebrated Entry to the Enchanted Garden Concludes

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This Page Created on January 15th, 2013
Harold Peers to the Left Harold peers to the left, and the tour continues.
     Well, what are we going to say next? What are we going to do next? Please tell me what is on my mind?!
Harold to the Rear!      So that's what the back side of all that harness looks like? I guess it's not impossible to get out of after all.
     The branches of what is now my largest Live Oak make such an interesting pattern, but a certain Russian Olive would be in the direction I'm gazing. Live Oak Branching
Oh, THAT tree!      Great pose! Lots of harness, a little bit of movement, and that gnarly tree clearly is the subject this time.
      The Zoot Suit fits snugly with few distracting graphics, so it deserves a simpler approach to accoutrements. It also shows gnarly bulge like a champ. That's definitely one of my Knuckled Turquoise JockUps on supportive duty. Zoot and Mishawaka Waders
Winter on the Magic Portal      You can tell these photos were made in the winter, because there are no ferns! My gardener usually whacks them all down after the first freeze.
     Another stunning picture of the big Live Oak. The Red Ball Waders are from the Mishawaka Boot Company.
      This brings to the end of the Magic Portal section. You may click the photo to the right to return to the next section of the Hot Garden!
Rubberman Harold and Gnarly Live Oak