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The Rubber Gear Harold Should Wear when Guiding Tours Page

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This Page Created on January 14th, 2013.
Rubberman Harold Yoked into his Touring Harness Wetsuits are so much fun to wear, I'm surprised there's no tax. But to make them even more taxing, I mean pleasureable to wear, just add some tasteful, moderately snug harness. Can you say, Pleasure Amplified?
      Those fringed gauntlets have been around for 30 years. The red-collared wetsuit is a Quintana Roo long-sleeved shorty. These appear to be the unlined waders I made out of spare pond liner. The waist and hips harness is of my own design. Oh, Hi Neptune. Yes, Sir, you should be the center of the discussion!
There's not much of an agenda with these photos. Seemingly, I just picked about four places and took a bunch of pictures at each. Hopefully some narrative will reveal itself as we go along.
     You've got a fine place here, King Neptune!
Neptune and Harold admiring the view
Seeking Neptune's Mind      Harold said, “You never get tired of playing with that old serpent do you?”
     Seemingly, his old serpent was not the only toy he sought. I had to loan him my cap!
     Basket afficianados I'm sure have already noted the primary purpose being served by the lower harness. My bulge is probably thrust out about three inches!
Neptune's Rubber Crown?
Neptune loves an appreciative audience. Yes, my cap does really fit your personna, and it keeps the seaweed from drying too, you say?
      Finally we escape Neptune's influence. The Hibiscus only made it through one season.
      Beautiful Bulge shot, too!
Hibiscus and Harold
Look, it's a bird!      One of my favorites in this series.
     What's this at my feet, a frog? A crockery Frog?
      I think this is our signal that we've reached the midway point of this series. Please click the photo at right to continue to the next page!
Straddling a Crockery Frog