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This Page Created on February 18th, 2008
Leather BVD Briefs on the Bridge Well, there's nothing particularly special about this photo. It was the beginning of a session that Wolf and I did last summer. The old Blue-Trimmed Uniroyal waders get called into service frequently in crossover duty.
     The really great thing about the Bridge over Lake Orin as a starting point, you just can't stay there that long. Traffic control, you know.
     Oh Good! We've been here before! My favorite Sago Palm, and I have known him since a pup. Just don't stand too close if you want to keep smiling<G>! The Sago Palm has a LeatherNSkin visitor!
The second Sago Palm Leather Photo      Should I tell a Sago Palm lightbulb joke along about now? Naw, scratch that idea.
     It seems that Neptune's Knoll is a very high maintenance area for the Leather Oaks Garden grounds crew. Something's always falling or otherwise infringing on the Marine Lord's solitude. So it's only a dead oak limb this time -- We'll take care of it right away! Lord Neptune's Knoll Maintenance Team Leader
Close Encounter with an Underwater Lord      This is probably about as close as it's safe to get to King Neptune: He's got something of a reputation for knowing how to deal with folks violating his personal space.
      Quiet now, I think we'll be able to get around behind Neptune with his being none the wiser. All I can say, the old man has quite a serpent fetish.! Behind Neptune's Back
Reaching for the Cane      Can Chinese Bamboo stretch a man this much?
     It does grow fast, but why can't I let go? Help me, Please!
     Oh, I remember! These were the Bamboo sticks I was using to train the ginger lillies into shape. I think they're a little ahead of the game at this point.

      Something else I remember -- this photo is your link to the second page of LeatherNSkin Garden delights!
Bamboo Skier?