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Those woofy Le Chameau waders get their own Page

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This Page Created on January 13, 2008
Waders in Bamboo! Isn't the bamboo looking very green and verdant today? Alas, so is the pond scum on the Skeletal Stream's waters.
When you have waders as handsome as the Le Chameau, any other clothing would be superfluous.
     Did I tell you the Le Chameau are plush lined? This is not hardship duty, rubberclad butt to the ground, legs draped comfortably across the Skeletal Stream. A temporary Rubber Bridge?
Harold of the Grey Butt strides purposefully away      The French sure have a way with stylish design. Not many other waders look this sharp when their wearer is in retreat. I think I might have been going for the hoe. The Trailing Daisies had practically taken over the whole West side of the house.
     My gardener once told me bemusedly that he'd never been able to sell anyone Trailing Daisies but once. It's easy to see why, as they've covered both good and bad alike. Is Harold plotting their demise? Will it involve months of concerted effort to remove every little sprig? Make that years, and you're right! The Trailing Daisies are in Possession of the Area!
Vee Rubber Bridge      The Vee Rubber Bridges are always best. Well, they show the best bulge, but isn't that the same thing? I'm holding bamboo from hogging the shot.
      From an earlier session on a cooler day. I found this frog-shaped planter a few years back and have never figured what do with it. So, he reposes under the Japanese Holly, occasionally getting close company from a certain friendly rubberman's closely hugging crotch. Don't we just belong together? Big Bulge, Big Frog, Happy Rubberman
The Crockery Frog's Second Photo Op      “Don't we get a second pose, boss?” Mister Crock-frog asked. Sure, guy, anything to please.
     Another great excuse for my favorite wide stance. Bridging the banks of the Season's Springs is a perilous task. It's a fall of maybe four inches. Astride the Season's Springs