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This page was last updated on: June 20th, 2003

Application Photos

     Applications?  You haven't found the application photos yet??  Well, my friend, they are legion, and at Leather Oaks, all but unavoidable.  Here are a few closeups to help you understand more of how it's done.  I never use socks, only neoprene as enhancement of my own natural endowments, so to speak.
     Mind you, I'm happy to show bulge, but most of the time do try manfully to keep my groin enthusiasms within bounds.   Quite aside from the external effects, is the wonderful internal enjoyment and sense of masculine confidence that the wearing of any protective groin cups, but most especially JockUps bring me.
     If you find these photos stimulate a like interest, please let me know.  I do offer a few of the JockUps, and companion neoprene O-rings for sale.  For more information, contact me through my guest book or by e-mailing me here!!  Harold at Leather Oaks awaits you!
    A third alternative is to visit my new companion site devoted to JockUps, their creation, maintenance, pursuit and purchase!!   Here's that link, in the little grey cup at the right.Inside JockUps!
    Earlier, on the Leatherjock page, you ran across my Express Jock.  I've never know exactly why Mister S named it thusly, but it's been a favorite for the many ways I've found to wear it!!  In the current instance, it's the outermost layer of a leather "leisure suit".   This photo would normally not "make the "cut", but since there is an edge of my JockUp showing, you can be sure that I was adequately protected for the weather at hand! Express Jock over Leisure Suit
Western Chaps & Ducktail Jock      In the early phases of testing my new Sling, I didn't know what to expect.  Should I prepare for a rodeo experience, or would layered rubber protection be appropriate?   I finally decided both might be best!  The Ducktail jock is so commodious that it provides little focus for my equipment:   The addition of two JockUps, snugly sized for the purpose, gave a very pleasant heft.
      In mechanical drawing, we frequently will use a cutaway drawing to show the internal arrangements of some complex components.   Well, personal modesty and my promise to you to keep this site "clean" prevents such an obscene display, but how about a little transparency?
     Here's a view of an old Best brand jockstrap, JockUps sandwiched outside, all protected (in a sense) by Bermuda-length transparent latex trunks!
Transparent JockUps Overview
Transparent JockUps View       For transparency afficianados, here's a closeup from a slightly different vantage point. "Amber latex" as this is also called, has its special charm, especially when it gets wet.   If you really feel like you're ready for this, click the linked photo, OK??

Hard=Cup Interlude!

     Finally, a commodious and comfortable hard cup -- the "Original Banana Cup" -- even has its own patent number!!  While I have, in fits of masochism, worn this guy alone, generally a swimjock as first layer is much to be desired!  The yellow SafgeTGard has attracted something of a cult following amongst Jockstrappers, since significant details are revealed, albeit in a reasonably tasteful way!!
     I haved mined my jockstrap archives for related material, and there's a substantial amount of it, if you know where to look.
Original Banana under Yellow SafeTGard
Ironman's Basket     One of my favorite neoprene aquisitions is an Ironman swimmer's wetsuit.  If you thought the Quintana Roo suits looked sleak and sexy, meet the Ironman.  I'll have a whole page featuring this suit both wet, dry and bound, but for now, maybe, just maybe you've noted that sausage-shaped bulge near my left leg?  I didn't do anything special, honest, just a couple of JockUps sandwiched between two black jockstraps!  I sure am glad that the good associate at Kiefer's convinced me to buy a size Medium <G>!
     Here's a closeup of the operational equipment deployed under the Ironman.  I had hoped the detail would show more clearly, but underexposed black has its limits!  Since black is consdred the absence of all color, would this be a good point at which to mention my interest in jockstraps that are both colorful and grope-friendly?  I'm not shocking you, am I now Buddy?
     There's a whole page of colorful jockstrap practices awaiting your mouse's click!
Double Bulge McDavid Detail
Twenty-two Jockstraps and Counting!!

Twenty-two Jocks!!

     I imagine by now, you're saying "I've seen it all!" Well, how about this?  My first assay into layering was really back in High School!  By college days, I'd acquired dozens of abandoned jockstraps.  How to use them all, since many were a mite too big for me at the time?
     I'd take them up in the attic, and gradually build up a big mound of beautiful old jockstraps.  The photo at the left is a recreation of the same wonderful practice!
      Where can you go after this?  I'm so glad you asked!
      This time, though, when I added the final amber layer, I struggled into my riding leathers, and rode to the store to do my weekly grocery shopping.  What a great glow when I got home!! Amber Latex over 22 Jocks!
Black Contour Belted3      Remember my first JockUp "application" on the previous page?  Well, I just happen to have another pair of photos of that outfit. Since I couldn't decide which ones I preferred, here are the other pair!
    And, here's the posterior presentation.  It's a fun outfit -- I've enjoyed many hours in this gear with only pleasant memories!

    Hope you enjoyed my show, folks!   Please sign my Guest Book, if you'd like.  There's a handy link just below!!

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Black Contour Belted Butt2
    We've come a long way together, and there's still more to Harold's Jockstrapping World!  If you didn't find them earlier, there were links above to FOUR more pages, three featuring Jockstrap images I've previously shared with Tom on Allkink.com.   Remember, I told you to keep a sharp eye out ! !  No problem, though -- here's a handy shortcut to the first Jockstrap Reprise Page!!
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