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Jockstrap Bulge Applications

Wet Jockstraps and Bulge Clarity

This page was last updated on: September 06, 2003

Jockstrap Moisture Practices

     Pouch Soaking Applications?  There are many ways to soak a jock, some more socially acceptable, and some more photographically revealing than others.  We've tried to provide a cross-section of both varieties on this page.  In the interests of continued obfuscation of the pruriently challenged, when I say less, you may take the liberty to assume more:  I'll neither confirm or deny, except to say I find the practices depicted hereon to be wholesome and rewarding in several uniquely masculine ways <G>!

    Remember YesterPage, and the Red Jock on Black latex?   Somehow, that felt a mite too confining, especially as the day heated up.  So as quick as you can say, "Depart Ye Rubber!", we find this arresting pose.  Well, I like it, anyway, enough to provide a closeup of a second drenching event below.  Now that's what I call good, clean fun ! !

Drenched Red SafeTGard in CloseUp
Wet Red SafeTGard
Dry TruFit Jock & Brown Chesters      This could have gone on my External Bulge Management Page (soon to be developed, of course), but because of the remainder of the sequence, it fits right in here.   Of course, it's one of those old TruFit open-mesh jocks, over Northwest Territory chest waders, over probably two or three JockUp-enhanced jockstraps -- you know, one of my garden variety bulge developments.
      It appears that Harold has fallen upon muddy times!   Will those brown rubber waders ever be the same?   And why do they call them "Chesters" anyway, since they reach just above my waist?  Oh, guess I did fold the top down inside my lifting belt.   Make pretty neat all-mud, all-weather trousers, don't they? Muddy Jock & Kmart Waders
Rinsed Jock &  Brown Waders       What this outfit needs is a good hosing off, starting at chest height and working downwards!   Of course, my jockstrap comes in for special, high-pressure treatment !

Contained Moisture

     Visitors to my latex pages my have noted my fascination with amber latex.  These marvelous trunks, intended for the incontinence trade, have this wonderful ability to become effectively transparent when wet.   In some rarely revealed photos, we see what a very moist Bike looks like under full operating conditions.
Wet Bike under Amber
Wet Jockstraps under Amber     Another view of the same outfit.   I believe there were two, maybe three jocks in use, appropriately sandwiched around JockUps.  I converted the photo to black and white to enhance the wetness effect that almost totally permeated the base of the pouch. 
     Hockey players are blessed with some of the wildest protective gear, and it can really force a man to break into a sweat.  This goalie jock seems to have its masculinity enhanced by the overlay of moist, fragrant latex, I'm here to tell you! Fragrant Goalie & Hip Boots
Fragrant Goalie CloseUp      A closeup reveals how well the amber latex "exposes" all, but contains where needed.  And how about comfort?  Well, comfort's a relative thing, but that old pro Goalie feels great to me even as its protection gets, well frankly, moist ! !
     Have we moved from the ice rink to the matt?   It would appear that I've attacked my buddy Jason the Rubbernaut in a fit of wader-filled frenzy.   Not sure which of my Pro Goalie jocks is in use, but it might be the Itech, its bulge just showing between the tops of my Iron Age waders. <LeatherHarold vs Jason Rubbernaut, Round One
Erotic Nap Session, Round Two      I remember now, it's one of my erotic nap experiments.  Generally my serious night-time sleeping is done in less gear than I'm willing to show on this site (read: NONE)!  But naps are another thing entirely, and frequently an opportunity to see how much man to rubber and leather contact I can enjoyably achieve.
      A final, through the crotch pose as I relax in a supine position.   What a great experience!!  I'll see if I can record a few more such sessions in the future, Okay? Fragrant Goalie Supine
Melon Jock on Waterbed      Maybe my melon jock is not moist, but it's certainly a liquid creation, as I'm here wearing it on my waterbed, that is also clad in more of the melon foam material.  You know, melons are mostly water. 
    We've come a long way together, and it's occured to me that you might not be sure of the way back.  Here's a handy shortcut to my Main Page!!
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