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Extended Jockstrap Applications

Male Torso Support and Adornment, and a Headband!

This page was last updated on: July 1st, 2004

Jockstrap Progressions

     Pouch Progression without BulgeBuilding?  I've met many interesting friends through the auspices of Allkink, the premier pouch-friendly website devoted to men who feel most comfortable in jocks, and are well proud to show and share the experience.  One such guy, "BuddynGear" sent me a couple of great photos of him sporting not only jocks (in plural) worn more or less as expected, but a trio of jockstraps worn over his shoulders, doing a wonderful job of defining his pecs!   Need I say that the idea gates immediately opened.  We've both talked about jockstrap mummification, although that's still a future goal. Here's the results of the photo sesssion that our initial correspondence generated.
    Not wanting to copy Buddy too exactly, and always preferring to be booted, how was I to proceed?   It was still fairly cool, so I decided on my Rocky neoprene chest waders over some now forgotten jockstrap and JockUp foundation.   Let me see, we'll try some white jocks and some black jocks, and they'll both show up real well against the brown fabric of the Chesters. Jockstraps Over Chest Waders
Jockstrap Chester King of the Staircase!      Here's a full-length version, just so's you'll know they really are Chest Waders!  Neat elastic shirt effect the jocks give, although in closeups you'll note that I really could have used a "dresser".   So many folds of elastic, so hard to find and correct them all!
      In half profile, details begin to show up.   The youth-sized Bike makes a great headband/cap, I find.  In the winter, I'll wear it under a rubber swimcap while doing my early morning Litter Patrol duties.  And for those of you who didn't believe I could bulge through bulky neoprene waders, grab a view, Men!! Jockstrap Headgear
<CrossChest Jockstrap Warrior       Finally, the tower staircase.   Perhaps the Tower Room is just above?
     The neat thing about this landing is that it gives me both an opportunity and a safe place to present the other side.  BuddyNGear did a much neater job of arrangeing the jocks thrown across his shoulders.   Guess that means I get to do this again sometime?! Posterior Jockstrap Arrangement
Jockstrap Clad Tower Climber     Okay, I'm really on my way up this time.   Another good basket view, even under these extreme conditions!
     It appears I wasted no time in achieving a horizontal postition.  Seems like a rather precarious hold I have on the sling, though! Sling-recumbent Jockstrapper
Jockstrap Clad Comfort, at Last!      Not a standard sling application, as in 9.5 seconds I can't get in the stirrups.   (There was no remote control for the Kodak camera, and help was not available that time!)  It was good to relax while contemplating my next action!
    You know, I've been thinking, since I'm already in neoprene waders that are expected to get wet, why don't we see what happens to my jockstrap cladding if I wear the whole outfit while jumping in my Warm Tub?  Join me on the next page and we'll all find out!!
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