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Jockstrap Cups Reconsidered

Hard, Soft and Indeterminate

This page was last updated on: June 21, 2003
     About 42 months ago, I began sharing some of my best jockstrap photos with Tom of Allkink.com.   Much to my surprise, he's published almost every one I've sent him!  But, as they say, time does march on, and soon new jockstrap photos replace mine, and those segments of my jockstrap photo collection go "out of print" as it were.  These next three pages restore those orphan shots to their rightful place in the world of male bulgularity, Harold-style!

Jockstrap Photos Revisited

Allkink Jockstrap Website
     So, get your personal equipment adjusted comfortably in your jock, lean back, and let's look at these old cupshots together!
     The photos seem to fall naturally into one of three groupings.   Some were (and are) just extremely colorful!   The second group consdered the qualities that a little (or a lot) of moisture could add to a jockstrap's interest and enjoyment.   Finally, many of the photos centered around cup inserts, used in ways their makers might not have envisioned!!
    I mentioned before my early fascination with enclosed cup supporters, especially when I found that you didn't have to use those then most uncomfortable cups!   To our right is a view of me wearing an early model, its all-cotton pouch comfortably containing my genitalia, albeit with a significant level of vulnerablility <G>
      It was a sad moment in history -- the demise of my favorite sleeveless rubber shirt!
Enclosed Cotton Pouch
Bike Over Cotton Pouch      Ah, this is much more like it!  Two JockUps held in place by a new Bike, and I'm feeling much better already.  It's great knowing that a man's thump protection has been increased ten-fold, especially when the improvement in basket awareness is commensurate <G>.
      Photo Three, and Finally, a CUP! !   The Olympia cup is amazingly comfortable worn alone, and frequently gets used as my foundation layer on some adventurous bulge building creations.  Here though, we just have your basic transparent latex jock from Recoil.557.  Swimcap by Kmart, if anyone's looking. Transparent Jock and Olympia Cup
Yellowjock and Giant Banana Ensemble       That Gaint Banana Cup is another groin pleaser.   While not visible, I usually wear a swimjock under it, not for protection so much as to make sure my ballsac's skin doesn't get pinched.   The mound of the swimjock nicely fits inside the rim of the Giant Banana, and complete comfort is enjoyed by all parties.
     Here are a couple more photos of the Original Banana Cup.  The old TruFit jocks lend themnselves well to layering --- here they're sandwiching the Yellow Banana.
     The linked photo is a closeup. The sleeveless neoprene shirt is from Mister "S".
Trufit Jocks Over Giant Banana
Red Man Combat Trainer     More than a cup, but what a pouch! !   The Red Man jock is part of a set of gear for combat training of Swat Teams.   No, I've not tried it in those applications.  Since the inside is not that well finished, you'll pardon me for using another swimjock inside it!
     Even though not the "original" Banana, Bike's two entries in the field have been a source of many adaptations.  The Bike Soft Banana makes a great thong jock, with just the addition of a little surgical rubber hose! Tubular Rubber Banana Jock
Compression Shorts and Bike Banana      An alternative use for compression shorts, turned inside out, so my modified Bike hard banana will show better.   I had caulked the threee holes with black plasitc rubber.
      Well, you didn't really tink you could get out without another JockUps exposure, did you?  The Blue SafeTGard only partially conceals the Curved Uplifter I made from the Turquoise knuckled camp pad foam! Knuckled Curved Uplifter and Blue Balls
TruFit and Curved Uplifter      Another semi-visible Curved Uplifter photo, this featuring the old TruFit jock.
    Two pages to go in the current session!  Let me see, should it be Color Or Moisture first . . . . ?
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