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Jockstrap Bulge Applications

Colorful Masculine Protection

This page was last updated on: June 28th, 2003

Colorful Bulges!

     Applications?  We could almost call this the fruit basket page.   There's more takes on orange than you could ever believe, then grape blue, banana yellow, and yet more oranges.  It's all good, firm meat they're containing though, in diplays that are as tasteful as they are bulging!
    Might as well start out with a fairly conventional jock that just happens to have an orange colored pouch.  It would be a safe surmise that there is a modestly sized JockUp inside.  Appearances would indicate that there is some basket testing in progress.   A man needs to assess his basket vulnerability continually, don't you find ? ! Orange Pouch Jockstrap
Orange SafeTGard over Orange Pouch      Apparently the testing indicated additional protection was in order.  Here we've added an unremittingly orange SafeTGard over the orange-pouched jock, and I just bet there's another Melon JockUp in there, too!   Excuse my bias on these things, but I feel this is one of the most handsome jockstrap poses a man can pretend to !  The bulges are still defined even while rather prominent, and the pouch extends a little below my torso.  
      It was a pretty busy morning on the jockstrap posing bench.   Appears that there's a bit of blue showing under my orange SafeTGard.  Was I feeling blue? you might ask.  Not so you'd notice -- Jockstraps and JockUps are always their own high! Layered Orange and Blue Jocks
Bared Balls in a Blue Jock!       Such a weird feeling!  Only a skimpy blue SafeTGard jockstrap between me and the world !   Once in a while, I throw one of these poses out to bare the truth -- the JockUps are great enhancements, but the basic equipment projects a good bulge, too!

Pure Man Bulge Interlude!

     This is color of a more visceral kind, that provided by having your equipment packed in a confining enclosed pouch.!!  The six orange silicone O-rings I always wear provide the thrust to keep my equipment from ever "fading" into my torso.  But, the wrap-around effect of stuffing my manhood in where "normal" usage would suggest a plastic cup might belong gives a wonderful three-dimensional look to my basket, and well, MAN, you just need to try it to see how much it can do for your libido ! !  A jockstrap buddy sent this particular example -- its soft cotton edge on the insert pouch makes wear against sensitive genital skin comfortable.
Enclosed Cotton Pouch Jockstrap Containment
Duke Pouch Gives Nuts a Squeeze     When Duke first began offering their "Universal" hard cup, the jockstrap they provided with it was almost as exciting to wear without the cup, and the soft elastic edge of the inset pouch was also manskin friendly.  This is just to demonstrate that you don't need any fancy equipment or big Hollywood special effect budget to play Rollerball quite satisfyingly! 
     Well, actually, boxing gloves in moderation can add a certain enjoyment to Jockstrap testing scenarios.  This was one of the photos I submitted to an Allkink Halloween contest.   Just good, clean fun, honest! Orange Jock with Boxing Gloves
Yellow SwimJock Over Orange BigJock

More Orange Jocks!!

     Swimjocks don't usually work terribly well over conventional waistband jockstraps.   The pouches tend to be a little skimpy, and 2 cm of elastic can't compete with the snug control a 7 or 8 cm conventional jock's waistband gives.  Some of my colorful SafeTGards were snug enough to work as a first layer, so the swimjock just had to keep a JockUp in place.  It appears to me that they did a good job, between them, and I know it felt great!
      Another Halloween fright!   Not nearly as effective as I had hoped.   The rainsuit was a mite too bulky for the jock to really look effective. Orange Jock over Rainsuit
Red SafeTGard over Black Latex      Oh-oh, another of those dreaded crossover photos.  Are we headed for more rubber, or liquid-soaked jocks or . . . ?   I'm betting that you'll find more glisteningly wet jockstraps just a page away.  Click and let's get on with it ! !
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