Living in Leather

from Minimum to Layered Max !!

This page was last updated on: November 26th, 2004
     When a man has over 364 leather articles in his active collection, the expression living in leather becomes more than a metaphor.   On this page, you'll see just some of the variety of street leathers I get into!  Of course, I'm pretty liberal in using that term, as the pose at the right will attest.  A friend passed on the "Attitude" vest for me to replace the cloth {shudder} back with real cowhide.   The laced-side chaps were $40.00 finds at a Denver pawn shop.  The vulnerably bulged bikini you'll find around alone somewhere, trust me! Can there be more attitude around somewhere?
Minimum Statue Worshiper      My three season Gulf Coast leisure attire!   Mind you, I add a vest for formal occasions, such as pondside dining.   My little friend really gets into his piping, doesn't he?  I like garden poses, especially with my concrete and metal companions.
     Have you noticed yet that I have a strong affinity for earth tones?   They certainly made it easier early on to indoctrinate my friends and office associates into my leather-wearing preference.  The shirt, another of my creations, has aged rather gracefully with some help from Neatsfoot oil treatments.   The jacket was a Colorado Springs pawn shop find, and the pants laceable street riding leathers. Earth Tones in Biker Leathers
Quadruple Laced Jacket & Triple Laced Jeans      You're looking at about 20 pounds of leather here, not to mention lots of eyelets.  Actually, it's surprisingly comfortable as riding gear!   Just a teaser to pages of street-riding leathers that also are great fun in most air-conditioned offices.
      While you might not notice, these pants marked my first essay (but by no means the last) into accentuated bulge designs!   Two firsts here, I built the accordian pleat knee sections, and the fly zipper follows the left pouch seam as you view them.   Highly modified from Sears' plainest leather jeans, they also have full-length zippers along the legs.  The fit feels fantastic, and it's pure coincidence that this is another of those tree-crotch centric poses! First Modified Bulge Riding Leathers
Dress White Leathers!       What does a dedicated leatherman and lifelong Southerner wear when circumstances require the old white linen look?   You had to ask!!
     Not the gaudiest outfit I have, but I love the feel of the very experienced mahogany jeans.   The shirt was my Christmas sewing project one year.  A former street person talked me into buying the hat from him! Western Sunday Leathers
Ancient Ersatz Leather      B&W photo alert!!  Ersatz Leather alert!!        Yes, folks I used to have very thin blonde hair and a black beard.   This dates from about '72.  Somewhere in the winter woods.
      I bet there's a link somewhere hereabouts to a page of old office photos -- wanna look?
      Motorcycle riding leathers, especially the earlier suits, have long been a passion of mine.   This old suit says Kawasaki on the back, and the sleeveless biker jacket worn over the suit adds warmth for cool weather riding.  Besides, I think it looks sharp!   I'm guessing there'll be another six or eight or a dozen suits lurking behind the next link . . . . You ride in THAT??
Quilted Diamonds on Leather!      Some racing leathers have padding, but it's usually so FUNCTIONAL as to not be that much fun.  Traditional Motocross gear was another story entirely.   And frequently it had some reasonably neat colors too.  Follow the link to the padded pants department!
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