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This page was last updated on: December 14th, 2004
     The remote job sites sometimes have the most interesting names for their lodging.   Would you believe Thule, Greenland, in July?  The weather was in the -- for them -- balmy forties!  Details of my gear are a little sketchy at this time, as is the photo.   Northernmost Leatherman?!
Harold in Okinawa      I am glad to report that some of my work destinations are a little less austere!   How many Army posts have their own palm trees?   The linked photo may provide evidence that we did indeed perform some work while in Okinawa.   Actually, the weather can be plenty brisk in February, we found!
     Sometimes the question is posed as to how long I've been wearing leather, particularly to the office. These two photos are about twenty years apart in time, but one door down in the same building!  The office appointments have improved, although some folk make fun of our "padded walls"!  I think you'll recognize the gear in both photos, though. From Pigskin Shirt to Crocodile Jeans
White Volusia Show & Tell      Even leathermen get to show their new riding toys to the folks at the Office.  Being as how it's a white bike, my leathers had to match on this important occasion.  Yes, even motorcycles get corporate registration, but we riders have some of the best parking spots!
     Wow, this photo brings back memories!  I remember it took me some time to negotiate the climb up the 16 feet of scaffolding below the bottom of the image frame!  The photographer had a very good zoom lens, so he wasn't worried. My fellow engineer was up on the next level, while all I had to do was write down results.  Oh yeah, and climb back down the scaffold!  I suppose the pants were leather, but which ones escapes me.
      From elevated heights to almost floor level, of our Ford Test Van, in the linked photo! My granite laced jeans really get around, this time all the way to Oklahoma!
High Altitude Testing
In between trips      Every so often, they let me back in the office, and this must have been one of those occurrences!   Visiting in a friend's cubicle, and another friend came in needing to test his new camera.   Yes, my "pants and vest" are actually leather bib overalls!   With my leather shirt and tie, I think it's a very sharp and most professional look.  Judging from the leather/rubber Pac boots, I'd guess this photo was made in the winter!
     Am I dressed for a fox hunt?   Well, in a manner of speaking. 
  Some of our training exercises do take us out of doors, even in town.  Yep, it's the antique cordovan jeans, and the redwood boots are from WesCo.
All dressed up for an Engineering Fox Hunt
On the Suburban Road      Our diesel-powered Suburban has been a much in demand vehicle, but I finally got to drive it on a solo job.   On the way home, I stopped off to visit with a friend in Wisconsin, a very verdant area in July!  Was great to be able to comfortably wear full leather in the middle of the day up there.   Appears to be my Harley Western shirt, the Wilson's black leather jeans, and Grizzly Western last boots. The cap is my old Rebel Kepi.
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