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This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2004
     Well, it seems that one of my favorite pairs of laced jeans are also earth-toned   So, there seems to be a good bit more overlap in content than I had first expected.  So, here's three more ways and places I've worn what I call my "Granite-Laced Jeans! This first photo at least features almost all laced gear. My laced-front black leather shirt, the aforementioned jeans, and Doctor Watson grey laced boots!  The location is what I call the "Magic Tunnel", the areaway between garage and house. Leather and Laced Leather
Granite Laced in Wisconsin      Another photo taken while visiting my friend in Wisconsin. We're both full-time leathermen, so I was under some pressure to wear a bunch of different outfits.   I think I handled the task with some aplomb!
     A current picture, but one with a past!  Long, long ago when I was very, very young, I stayed in this house.   It's called The Lookout, because of the "Widow's Walk" on its top floor.   When business took me to the area, I looked for the house and introduced myself to the current owner.  She invited me in, and graciously took this photo.
      A Widow's Walk, for those who may not know the term, was a lookout deck on the top floor of many coastal homes, especially in fishing communities.  The wife would mount the stairs to try to catch a first glimpse of her husband's returning ship.  Because you used to have to crawl through a hole in the attic to get to it, the owner had it relocated to an area just above the second floor, where it is in the linked photo.  On this greatly sloped lot, the garage is at the basement level!
Granite Laced at The Lookout
Quadruple Laced Tower View      I took a lot of photos with my new Tower Room as a background, trying for one to use in my Christmas Card.   I think colorful leathers won the bid, but this is still a favorite photo.  If you have really good eyes, you may spot Julio doing porch duty in the background!
     Many guys have visions of operating those huge backhoes and other construction toys.  I've always found them rather intimidating.  In Okinawa, I found a tool more my size!   It just happened that I was wearing my thong front leather shirt, and the Hein Gerike "Paris to Dakar" Pants.  Both names have been shortened for these very practical cargo pocket pants in leather:   The company now just calls itself "Gerike", and the pants have been shortened to "Dakar".   I believe the boots are actually insulated rubber, from France.
     I use the linked photo as my office computer wallpaper!
Laced Construction Gear Operator?
Azalea Leathers       Most of my yard is so delightfully shaded that there are not many flowering plants.   Early spring azaleas are a welcome exception!   This photo does have a laced leather connection!  What we have is another instance of reverse layering. My lightweight, zipper-sided boxer shorts are worn over a pair of laced-side chaps!  The Sam Browne belt is worn over the San Francisco Zippered shirt.  And it's all gloriously overwhelmed by the Azaleas, the only shrubs that date from before I bought the place!
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