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This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2004
Outdoor Attitude and De-Flied Briefs      That attitude vest really got around.   Here's two more poses, in an Indoor/Outdoor pairing!  The leather copy of the BVD-style briefs wouldn't cooperate in my "no exposure" campaign, so I sewed the fly closed.  Does anyone remember the name of the company who sold the "Attitude" vest? More Indoor Attitude
Big Boss LaceUps and Leather Apron      One of the most fascinating products of the venerable West Coast Shoe Company, "WESCO" for short, are the "Big Boss", their take on the ultimate motorcycle boot.   A friend brought his up for an extended weekend, and I ordered my own pair shortly thereafter.   They do make them in pull-on form too, but why take a minute to get into them, when you can spend a pleasant 10 minutes lacing these guys up?!   The leather "carpenter's" apron was a trade, and peeking between the apron and boots are my laced scrimmage shorts.
     I know, you can hardly see the shorts -- in fact, I had to send the boots back for shortening.   I had been a mite too enthusiastic in my initial measurements, and even though they're great boots, they weren't too good as a jockstrap!
Big Boss and Shady Harness      From an ancient photo on Lameuse Street, a quick jump across town and space to Early Shorecrest!  The codpiece jockstrap and the very thin zip-side shorts both do a great job of basket emphasis, but I'm sure you're concentrating on the boots!  Yes, the shoulder harness does include its own built-in collar, tightness adjustable to suit. Big Boss and Skinny Harness
Crop Shirt and Lean Cyclist Pants      One of favorite leather finds from Larsen's Leathers, what I call a "Crop Side" T-shirt.  Heavily oiled in this photo, of course, and I really liked the V-front collar.
     The pants I termed my "Lean Cyclist", because of the definitely pegged nature of their legs.   I made them even more so by replacing the worn-out knees with my accordion-pleat sections.
     Yet another attitude photo, and I think it might be the last!  The pants are called "Triple Laced":  Not only are both legs laced, front and back, but the fly and rear center seam both have their own laces.   It's a challenge, particularly to pull them off!
     Was the temperature a mite cool, to provoke me to wear a mere fabric shirt under the Attitude vest?
Heavily Laced Attitude!
Leather-laced Light Show!      My photographer never makes a mistake, honest!!   We really meant to leave the camera set on "AUTO" when taking a flash picture at night.   And the camera certainly did a surreal job of turning our decisions into a spectacular advantage!  It's the triple-laced pants, and quadruple-laced jacket teamed this time with the Crop Tee Shirt.
     Another attitude-correcting photo.  Trying to follow Doctor's orders about wearing looser-fitting leathers without losing bulge emphasis, this was a mid-period attempt at taking traditional BIKER riding pants, and adding some basket room into them. 
     My tailoring needed a lot of learning, as I had to pleat the pouch to get it to work about the way I intended.
     The boots?   Those old rubber things?   I'm wearing Iron Age hippers, folded, and beside them are something made by a company named Hodgman -- a friend in Houston sent them up to me!
Motorcyclist Comfort Pants
Super Front Leather Jeans in Hand Chair      After finding how hard it was to build bulge into street leathers, I visited a pro in Houston.  Right up the road from where I found the ancient cyclist pants, Harry designed and built my fantasy bulge pants!
     Harry did ask me how large I wanted the pouch, and in a moment of bravado, I blurted "surprise me"!   Wow!  Did he ever!  And I continue to enjoy the freedom to bulge to Blast-0ff in these great "Super Front" jeans!!
     Well, it wasn't long before I unleashed my new bulge-ability on an unsuspecting world!  I'm thinking this was a pre-dinner pose one evening. 
     The uniform epaulet shirt was also the custom effort of a leather tailor in Denver, some years previously.  The boots are of a fairly traditional equestrian riding style.
SuperFront Jeans & Uniform Shirt
Rubber Room Leatherman      There's this room in my garage I call the Rubber Room.   It's got this marvey floor by Wondermat of 5/8" foam, that seems to invite resting.  Does this qualify as an "Attitude"?   Or, is it a position?   The shirt, or you could call it a jacket, is of very thick leather from a pre-1980 San Francisco company called "East West Musical Industry"!  The chaps were a second pair from the same, now forgotten pawn shop on East Colfax Avenue in Denver.
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