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From Good to Gawdy and Beyond ! !

This page was last updated on: December 11th, 2004
      Has my Kawasaki Suit aged the most or I?   That may be the question I seem to be pondering.   Julio seems to be quietly staying in the background for this one.  I'm sure he'll have more to say on the Statues Page! Porched Kawasaki Kombi
Crosslegged Kawasaki Riding Suit      Actually, this suit had been used very little when I found it.  No photos from then, and the peeling green sections are not very pretty, but reflect many long, pleasurable riding hours   Somewhere along the way, I removed the lower half of its very open-weave mesh liner.
     See, I told you it said Kawasaki, in big black letters!!  When I removed the liner, it exposed the foam kidney/hip padding, which probably wouldn't have survived long.   I sewed leather patches over the inside of those areas (you can just about make out the stitching if you look real closely below and behind my held glove) that also greatly enhanced the seating and riding comfort of the suit!  Standing Kawasaki Rear View
Boots down Kawasaki Rear View      I thought that these U. S. Royal hip waders went real well with the Green Kawasaki suit, don't you?   And they have "Bar-Flex" arch supports too, that you don't find just anywhere, trust me!!
     This is about the rear end of my Green Kawasaki suit, honest.  Sometimes the unadorned photos are the best. Kawasaki in Green Leather
Harro Two-piece Kombi      Was searching E-bay for Leder Kombis some time ago, and this suit turned up.   Even though it was in England, I put in a bid.  Much to my surprise, considering the modest price, I won!
     The emblem you're trying so hard to read says "Harro", a German riding suit maker of traditional design.   (Yes, the same folks who made my great one-piece suit with the twin orange stripes down the shoulders and sides.) Clutched harness on Harro Two-piece Kombi
Pouch Pondering Leatherman in Blue and Red Kombi       I'm sure most of you have figured out that as handsome as this suit is, it's about one size too big for me!  BeeJ (his E-bay Seller ID is BEEJ999) had warned me, but I saw an advantage.  Using my "Power Force" (we won't use its other name, now will we?) harness, modified with leg straps, allows the creation of a phenomenal bulge, as beautiful as it is functional!
     There are many things I like about this kind of suit:   The use of fitted knees and elbows, the tasteful striping that emphasises physique, the hint of padding in the shoulders.  All this, and the hides are still soft enough that it comes close to that masculine though cliched desire of a second skin in leather!
     Oh yeah, I know I'll get chided if I don't mention:  The boots are Gates from Scotland, the home of the Rubber Wellington.
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