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This page was last updated on: December 11th, 2004
      The other year, my job sent me to Okinawa.   If you wouldn't have thought of Okinawa as being a center for leather riding suit, you would not have been alone!   My travelling partner and I went to a junk shop one morning, and there it was.   Rather dingy, and I didn't know if I wanted to consider what rodents might have teethed on this suit.   But, it was my size and it was cheap!
      I hope Buddha is not opposed to leather.   He was so inviting, in the little garden by our hotel.
Buddha and a Top Rider
Top Rider on Bayou Bernard      A slightly wetter venue for the Top Rider; the deck in front of the Blow Fly Inn!   The suit says it's a Top Rider.   Or, do you have to be a Top Rider to wear this suit?
     Here are those other Harro's Kombi photos I promised you.  Could this be another of those neoprene crossover photos?   That sure appears mighty like a Quintana Roo collar to me! Harro's Kombi with a taste of rubber
Harro's Kombi with Rubber Cleavage      Yep, seems Harold has something of a preference for rubber and leather laminations, and this is no exception.   The Harro is nylon-lined, which makes it easier to don over neoprene.  My QR QuickSuit has been modified with a neoprene-rimmed opening at the crotch.   Makes it quite practical to wear for long term rding, since "pit stops" do not require total divesting!
     One of the neat things about this suit is the off-center but balanced nature of the jacket's zipper.  Remember when the U.S. Cavalry wore shirts with a similar design?  Well, at least John Wayne did. Quilted German Riding Suit
Quilted German and Western Driver      Well, sunny beaches!  There was a driver's vest, worn snugly under the Quilted Jacket!   I wonder what could be under it??
     When this suit arrived, my new ersatz well house was under construction.   Seemed a good photo op for such an interesting set of garments. Quilted German Suit by the Well House
Quilted German  Suit Wellside       One of my nicer poses in this set, I believe.  I really like the driver's vest, and keep finding innovative ways to use it. The jacket looks neat even folded over my knee.  I think those boots are Italian Tanker's footwear:   They would do even such pedestrian gear with style.
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