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This page was last updated on: December 11th, 2004
      This suit needed a bit of work when I got it, but that's why the price was so cheap!   Since the zipper on the jacket's bottom had lost both ends, BeeJ wasn't even sure the two pieces had originally been a set.   When I replaced the front jacket zipper, I added a zipper guard of lightweight red leather:   Chest hair pulls are not one of my favorrte sports, and I DO expect to wear riding leathers next to my skin!  No socks?  It keeps me more alert on photo shoots.   Besides, it was my Butler's night out. One Suit, One Boot
One Suit, Two Boots      Not often that my old Carolina Linesmans get seen these days.   The closer focus lets you see why this suit is so fun to wear.   It just naturally fits, and I don't mean flat!!  Notice the slightly different leather color on the very wide zipper guard?
     I'm going to get these guys laced yet, Butler or no Butler!   Is my right elbow deliberately missing my bulge?  Or were you too polite to notice? Boot Lacing in Red and Blue Leather
Seated in Slim-fitting Red and Blue Kombi      Well, it appears I did get everything together, and could this suit be any snugger?!   Feels so comfortable on these stairs, I may just rest for a spell.
     Surprise!   I did get vertical, and it wasn't hard at all. No, I don't walk up or down the stairs with my eyes closed.   I do that only waiting for the camera to flash!!  This photo also features what I feel to be a very tasteful bulge!   It's centered on the fly, and is pleasing to view without distracting by incredible distention. Standing in Slim Leather Kombi
Santa's Riding Leathers!      This has been called my leather Santa Suit, since it is in mostly his three colors.  The label of this two-piece suit says Vetter Leathers.  I think there are more photos in my motorcycle section.  
     Sometimes it's embarassing how a suit will come your way at a much lower price than you'd expect.   I bid the minimum just to see what would happen, and no one else was interested.   It's another Dainese in two pieces, with the Fox emblems on both legs. Foxy Riding Leathers
Foxy Riding Suit and Lifting belt       Somehow this photo reminds me of a certain software campaign.   Maybe it's the dark glasses, for I think the men in the ad are dressed in yellow business suits!   You already knew I had this liking of "shoulders thrown back" poses, now didn't you?!
     A particularly good view of a leather fox.  This suit also predates the ugly but ostensibly safer super-padding in hard plastic, thankfully!   Natural leather and only slightly enhanced male bulges, that's what we're about here.
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Foxy Riding Leathers
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