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From Good to Gawdy and Beyond ! !

This page was last updated on: December 11th, 2004
      You probably came directly to this page thinking you'd get to see more photos of my classic Dainese suit, didn't you?   Well, they're coming, but first we have something substantially newer, and it's even unmodified!!   In another minimum bid E-bay purchase, I got what was advertised as a Suzuki Racing Suit.   Came with all the armor, and the removable pucks. Suzuki Colors in Riding Leathers
Blue Suzuki Riding Suit      The labels say AGV, and it's a very nice suit, but I doubt if Suzuki of U.S.A. had much to do with it!   I wore it on a road trip to visit my sister, and actually had to stop to add another shirt:   The armor keeps most of the suit away from your skin, so air really circulates well in there, especially in night Trike riding!
     You can probably tell that this photo was made without the armor!  I'm a little less flexible when all of that plastic is installed.   Side View of Blue AGV Leathers
AGV after Oil Bath      The Suzuki/AGV so nicely goes with my Suzuki Intruder Trike's colors, that it's my new standard riding suit for that machine.   Was visiting old friends in Alabama over the Halloween weekend, and had a great ride both ways, until about 70 miles from home.
      You got it, the rain started.   It was warm enough, and I was wearing the neoprene Quintana Roo Quicksuit under the leathers, that I didn't even stop to climb into my rainsuit.   Didn't know how heavy wet leather could get -- it almost fell to the floor when I unzipped at home!   Then, it took three days to dry, and was even stiffer than usual.
       I'd been wanting to find a good excuse to use Leatherique, a supposedly petrochemical-free leather treatment, most notably employed in restoring old leather upholstery in automobiles.   The photo was taken at the completion of the treatment, which was a great success!   My "Suzuki Blue" suit is much softer than new, I'm happy to report.
     Finally, we return to the Dainese story!  You see how flappy, loosely it fits?  I had known when buying it, that this would be a rebuild before riding in it, but that happened sooner than I expected. Dainese Leathers at Trike
Dainese on Volusia      Well, this is a little better, wearing my "Power Force" belt, but one can tell major operations will be required.
     Furthermore, shortly after this photo was made, the soft plastic holding the captive knee pucks in place disintegrated.  The resulting gaping holes gave me the push I needed to begin planning the next phase. Side View, Dainese and Volusia
Quilted German Motorcycle Suit       I hated to try to completely disassemble this suit, so I looked for another way to take it up without changing its classic lines.   I found I could improve the feel and fit a lot by grabbing extra leather across my chest.  That's an idea, how about a couple of diagonal pleats, starting slightly above the waist, and running up to just below the armpits?  All of a sudden, this suit is beginning to live again!
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