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This page was last updated on: December 11th, 2004
      Most modern riding suits are so flashily gaudy, it does take nerves of steel to wear them in public, off the racing track!   And yet, that's my firm goal.   I find them to be so much fun to wear, that riding is almost optional.   This suit is blacker than I would prefer, but it has enough motorcycle riding features that give it a hearty, masculine character.  You do have to look hard to see some of them, though. Black Riding Leathers with FireBoots
Black Riding Leathers over Neoprene with Sam Browne Belt      Yes, I believe there is a high-collared Nudeoprene wetsuit in use under my leathers, and just a hint of tasteful bulge.  I bet Mister Browne didn't expect to see his creation used in such a context, did he?   I'm told the hat belonged to a Gaucho.
     Perhpas my most unique riding suit is Barry's inimitable Body Glove.   Before that name became a trademark for wetsuits, Barry was importing leather-lined one-piece riding suits through Portland, Oregon.  This photo was from a film set made just after completion of my Tower Room. Body Glove admiring the Tower Room
Body Glove and Five-Buckle Boots      I'm really sorry about the quality of these photos!   I think it was fifty dollars to get the great quilted padding on the shoulders, elbows and knees, but the extra character they give the suit has made that a great buy!   Those great Gripfast boots with maybe twenty eyelets and five buckles are a very reasonably priced import through Leather Creations.
     I think it was Barry who gave me his recipe for a highly erotic riding event:  Take a pint bottle of olive oil, and pour it into the Body Glove while it's laid out on the floor.   I climb into a comfortable and fully containing leatherjock at this time.  Wearing thin riding gloves, use your hands and fists to work the olive oil into each sleeve and leg.  Wearing just thin socks, slide your legs into the suit, working up to your jockstrap as you settle your butt into the suit's seat.  Be sure you zip the legs closed now, and if your boots are hard to get into, it's best to lace and buckle them now.  Coax your arms into the sleeves, and carefully zip them closed:   There are no zipper guards, so expect some ouched hairs!   Shrug your shoulders into place and close the front zipper.  Do you feel properly contained and olive oil-basted pleasant?  Hit your bike's saddle, and get ready for the slithery ride of your life!! Body Glove and Red Honda Shadow
Leather Electric Flighsuit      One of my neater trades was for this classic suit, designed for naval aviators' use during World War II.  Based on the labels inside, it's only a couple years younger than me.   There have been some photos on my Motorcycle page, but figured I'd put one here.   No, I've never tried to plug it in, as there's only a few days a year that the weather is cold enough to wear it!
     Some have called it gaudy, others my Mardi Gras leathers, and a certain former supervisor found it "disrespectful" of the Air Force uniform!  I do know it was six months of my spare time in the making, and practically every inch hand sewn.  I had borrowed a real Air Force flight suit from a young lady and laboriously created a pattern from measuring her boyfriend's suit!  This suit too was featured on a Christmas card.   While I have ridden extensively while wearing it (early on, riding a ten-speed bicycle) riding comfort and technology have rather sidelined that activity. FLight Suit in Party Colors
Quilted German Motorcycle Suit       A lady friend gave me the pewter sand dollar that I've always used as the main zipper pull on the suit.  The strange boots were found in a do it yourself store in Japan, but the label says they're made in China!
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