Naked Wadery World, Page Two

Unlined Chest and Hip-high, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     Wow, we're not necesasrily wearing less, but we're certainly bulging better!!  My poor latex tank suit is sure getting a good workout.  Alas, this is another partially headless photo, but there seemed to be no re-take availabble.   It does show the wader belt strap arrangement clearly.   So it's only 7 snaps total:   It always feels like many more! Naked Hippers & Latex Tank Suit
Web Jock & Naked Hippers       This is a fairly edgy photo, and also completely head-free.   The web jock had been around for years, and I'd never been comfortable wearing it.   Using a plastic supporter cup underneath provides social security.   I think the combination with the Naked Waders goes well.
      Well, at least my head is visible and bare!   I like this photo much better.   The chair cover is provided by the AVID Chest waders. Web Jock, Naked Hippers and AVID Chesters
Gas Mask, Tanksuit & Naked Waders       Looks like the start of another enhanced-bulge posing session to me!   That appears to be an old English gas mask that's been converted into a hood by adding a latex back.
     The strange jockstrap on the outside of my latex suit is made from inner tube rubber.   I'm not sure what arrangements there were internally!  Note that my eyes are actually open in this photo!   Amazing!! Innertube Jock, Naked Waders & Latex Suit
Wide-stance Naked Hippers       Of course, we must have a good, wide-stance photo!   And, it does look more natural for hands to rest on thighs, I believe.
      Ooohhh ! !   Is the Rubber Masked Man watching YOU? ?   I hope it wasn't something you said?! Rubberman Watching!
Rubberman Come Hither??       You know, that really strikes me as a "Come Hither" pose!   Which one of us do you supppose he wants?   No, that's Okay, you go first!!
      You know, I think what this rubberguy needs is a good Rubber treatment!   Where's my spray bottle and chamois?   We'll have this shining and him smiling in no time!!   Why don't you start on the boots, while I tackle his mask, and we can meet at the Bulge ??<G>!
      We've reached the end of the second section of the Naked Waders Story!  The third page will be mostly devoted to an attempt (finally successful) to stuff an overly bulged Rubberman into those Naked Brace and Bib Waders!   If you'll click on the photo to the right, we can complete the alternative waders journey.
Masked Naked Waderman before shine
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