Naked Wadery World, Page Three

Unlined Chest and Hip-high, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     Didn't we see this guy somewhere before??   I'd recognize that bulge anywhere, but where is his nude hood?   I see, this must be his bug-eyed brother, and the pineapple bulge is a family trait!!  Is he going to try to pull those Bib and Brace waders on over that?? Bug-eyed Bulge Master
Bulged Naked Waders with Open Zipper       Oh, I see, the old through the crotch zipper open trick.  Still don't see how he can possibly. . .  And what happened to his mask?
      Sure, go ahead and pull the gloves on, I'm sure they will help!  It is a lot clearer how the Braces shoulder yoke works from this photo, isn't it? Braces fixed, Gloving Up!
Masked and Gloved, but unzipped!       Well, this is looking better.   Gloves on, mask on, and maybe there's almost enough room?
     Wow! that knuckled Turquoise JockUp sure looks wild through the Amber latex trunks!  Starting the great zipper coax and pull, eh? Beginning the long zipper pull!
The Zipper Tease??       Are we making progress or is this a big tease?   I guess our BugeEye Rubberman is making sure of his zipper pull path.
      Is this the Birth of the Bulge, or what?  I think I can see zipper movement, though. Birth of the Bulge
Fully Bulged Wader Bibs!       It's closed!!   I'd say everything is fully contained, too!   Sure wish there had been some poses from other angles, though.
      Well, is that the Naked Hip boots guy again?   He does appear a mite wetter, but not a bit better polished!
This way to the Waders Selection Page!      Well, you've done it yet again.  This was the last photo in the Naked Waders Section!   If you'd like help in returning to the Waders main page, please click my jockpouch.
Wetter but no more polished!
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