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Orange and Yellow Hip-high, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     Colorful Waders?   Don't you think Green and Brown are Colorful enough?   I'm sure you're aware that there are rubbermen who think there's no valid rubber color other than shiny black??  Well, I like wild colors, if there's a valid point to them!   Each of the boots on this page comes to its color from what I feel are legitimate reasons.
      First off are my orange Forester 3000s, from Gates Rubber Company of Scotland.   I was visiting their web site some years ago when I stumbled upon them, and immediately found a supplier!   About three years ago, I published a page to my web site featuring those boots, and a German survival suit that was just as orange.   This time, to focus attention on the boots alone, I'm wearing just a wetsuit with them, that while it fits nicely, and is very shiny, is basic unobtrusive black.
Orange Forester 3000s
Wide Stance Orange Forester 3000s       Those yellow and green boots you see hanging around are going to be Act II.   The Foresters have very high platform soles and heels.  If it weren't for the serious nature of their intended work, you'd almost expect to see these on a Disco stage!
      Bending at the knees while wearing these boots requires a substantial effort.   Normally when wearing them, I tend to walk stiff-legged to avoid that extra work.   These photos are therefore to demostrate how the boots respond, and not how I enjoy wearing them.   I think stretched out under a tree would be a great alternative!! Forester 3000 Right Knee Bend
Foresters Seated on a bed of Cooperative Waders       Sure is good that those other colorful waders were so cooperative and comfortable, or this pose might have been rougher than it was!   Half bent knees are much easier to achieve, it would seem!
     I'm sure we all wanted to see what these guys looked like from the rear.   First time I've seem them this way too.   I don't know if the pleat in the legs is due to way I've stored them or because they have had so little exercise.   Is there any reason to expect that they might "break in" to some extent with actual daily use? IMG_2472a (88K)
Foresters Straddling Benched Waders       I think we need to give a round of applause to my Beuchat wetsuit. This two-piece suit (full coverage and separate hooded vest) has taken a lot of abuse in the two years I've owned it, and continues to be just as comfortable and sharp looking under a variety of conditions as it was when new!   I think they advertise it as being for use under a dry suit, but I've routinely employed it for cool water swimming, besides restaurant dining, and other nominally "dry" activities!
      Looks like the Foresters are ready for their own round of applause? Do you know of any other waders you can throw over your shoulder and they don't bend?! Shouldered Orange Foresters!
Green and Yellow Waders to Go!       Well, whaddayuh know, it appears those waders that were quietly providing a bit of color for the orange waders session have decided they want some limelight of their own!   You may recognize the Tawny Green waders by LaCrosse from my previous Waders section.   The yellow rainboots I mentioned on the introduction to this page.
      It was so easy to get into the Foresters, I didn't even think it needed mentioning:   Just throw a boot out in front of you, and guide your foot in, toes first.   Easy!!  Pulling regular weight waders on, over a still damp wetsuit requires a good bit more concentration.   Even though it wasn't really necessary for our purposes, I did adust and snap closed the knee harnesses inside the LaCrosse hippers.
      There's another page of colorful waders!   Please click the link on the photo at right to continue.
Adjusting LaCrosse #1
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