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Orange and Yellow Hip-high, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     After the tedium of working the first LaCrosse up into place, I though it would be worthwhile to prepare the other three boots in advance.   The Plastex "Storm Kings" don't have a whole lot of character, but they do have some very rugged pull straps inside. LaCrosse #2 Preparation
Pulling Lacrosse #2 into place       Well, it isn't so hard if your prepare in advance!   Actually, getting into waders is a good portion of the fun of wearing them.   I did cheat in this case.   Since the Beuchat was still soaked inside from my earlier swim, I used nylon-clad, neoprene socks.   Even when damp, boots pull on over them with a minimum of effort!
      Finally!   Two Tawny Green Hip boots in place on neoprene-clad legs.   Looks pretty sharp to me, and it's not a bad feeling, either! Both LaCrosse hippers on, Rainboots waiting!
LaCrosse Hippers above Yellow Rainboots       My photographic designer stepped in and set up a neat pose for us.   I know the Rainboots wil be no easier to pull on, but it is a much better looking display!
     Well, the right Storm King went on and pulled up without a hitch!   Let's see if the left will be as cooperative!   Remember now, point your toes and keep your heel way up! Second Yellow Rainboot!
Four Waders on Two Feet!!       Made it!!   Four waders being worn, on only two feet!!   And you know, I bet both pair combined weigh less than the Foresters did alone!  Pretty flexible, too, I'm finding out!
      Yes, I can walk, just put one foot in front of the other, and lean a little forward.   Somehow, I thought the floor would open up or something! Four-Booted Walking!
Yellow Storm Kings Closeup       I thought we should have a closeup of the Storm King Rain Boots, just for their label.   Perhaps the extra detail will inspire someone<G>!
      Well, were you wondering as I was how I'd ever get two wet pairs of waders off my feet?   Nothing to it, just unsnap the knee harnesses, if you've secured them.   Then, grab the outer boot and pull, and they both come off!   You can see my neoprene sock on the waderless foot!
This way to the Waders Selection Page!      Well, you've done it yet again.  This was the last photo in the Colorful Waders Section!   If you'd like help in returning to the Waders main page, please click my jockpouch.
Multiple Waders Removal!
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