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Hard-finished Neoprene Gear
In a Variety of Settings and Modes!!!

This page was last updated on: January 14th, 2006
     So, this time, I folded the fly protector all the way back, and dressed my equipment inside two comfortably capacious JockUps!  You can see the JockUps and the Nitrile gloves in the linked photo.  Turqoise Bulged Slickskin  Shorts
Slickskin Turquoise Bulge in Profile         This pose lets you see my new bulge in context.  Seen from the side, it's actually rather conservative.  I don't believe it's been worn outside of Leather Oaks, the Compound, though!
     If you found the previous outfit just too outrageous, then here's one you might be able to handle.  Same shorts, a foam neoprene sleeveless Tee from Mister "S", and my "new" Military Surplus hip waders made by LaCrosse!  The laces on the shorts are loosened as much as the fly protector will allow to let me handle a somewhat more conservative JockUp, probably the melon foam Curved Uplifter. Slickskin Scrimmage Laced Loosely
Slickskin Tasteful Bulge        Although he was somewhat miffed at my posing directly in front of him, Tex found the whole outfit to be in excellent taste!  Incidentally, did you notice that we finally got him into some waders?  They're my hand-me-down ProLines!
        You know there had to be a kneeling pose!   The lining of the LaCrosse waders are that old, tough cotton fabric that does wonders for keeping your knees de-haired! Kneeling LaCrosse Waders and Slickskin Shorts
Puckered Slickskin Pouch        It actually looks a little puckered, doesn't it?  The Slickskin pouch, that is?  Speaking of pouches, my belt pouch was made from inner tubes by a company called "Extreadz".  Never seen anything else from them.
        Every so often, I throw caution to the winds, and wear rubber to the office!   This photo set records the most recent such event.  This Uniform Shirt was the most recent purchase I made in Slickskin, and it really shines up nicely!   The tie is leather, while the jeans are Slickskin, I think with red stripes, even. Slickskin Suit
Slickskin Suit Left Profile         Those jeans are perfect agony to human skin, and especially tender knees, unless you know the patented Leather Oaks secret.  I use hair conditioner.
       Yep, regular old White Rain hair conditioner, or whichever brand is cheapest!  Glop in on your legs, squirt some down inside the pants, and pull them up!  Usually, one treatment will last until I take them off. Slickskin Suit Right Profile
Astride Slickskin Suit        Our office environment, temperature wise is so variable, one never knows what to expect.  It happened that the day I wore this outfit, the temperature was way above normal.   The suit was comfortably enjoyable all day!
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