Hot Tub Suits -- Page Two

Qunitana Roo Full Suit
and a Certain Rubber Onion!!!

This page was last updated on: January 5th, 2006
     Welcome back!   Uh Oh, what's become of the Spla Float exercises?  What's with this foam rubber truncheon or bludgeon I seem to be wielding?  Has rubber lust turned my head from old paths? Foam Rubber Bludgeon?
Foam Bludgeon Bulge Battering!         Mercy!!  This does seem to be helping: There was some concern that my bulge wasn't even showing in this photo session.  After the Foam Bludgeon scored several direct hits, my bulge responded appropriately.
       Note:  Full-size versions of some photos on this page may be available if a linked outline appears around them.
     A moment of peace, following those exhausting struggles depicted earlier. Rubberman at Aquatic Rest
Reclining Rubberman        One last photo of the now resting Spa Float, and its reclining, Quitana Roo suited Rubberman.   Even in a less than hot tub, some cool down periods are necessary!
        You're going to need to take my word on this.   There are five layers of neoprene worn over two layers of latex in these photos.  Don't believe it?  Well, there were photos of the whole layering session published on some years ago, and I have a few selected photos of the process available at this link: Rubber Onion.   Here I am just before taking the first plunge into the hot tub. Rubber Onion at Spa Side
Spa Diving Rubber Onion        One thing is certain wearing over half an inch of neoprene -- I'm not going to sink!!  So what do I expect to uncover in the depths of my hot tub?
       Getting ready for the next exploratory mission, I'm thinking!   I wondering how much water I'm breathing with that hose below the surface? Seated Rubber Onion
Rubber Onion in Foam        One thing I soon found   --   All of that rubber slowed me down a lot, and it could have been ice water in my hot tub, and I'd never have felt it!
       Am I praying or preying?   Something below the surface seems to holding my attention.   Or, am I just enjoying the bubbles? Praying Rubberman?
Ready to Tingle, Mate?        Under my smokeeater's mask were two hoods.   The outer one is the top of my Beuchat hooded vest, while under that is a latex hood.   This closeup also gives a hint of the multiple suit layers.   If you want to see those photos of how I got into this heated rubber coccoon, here's that link again!! Rubber Onion.
      We're going to take a one page break from neoprene, "layered" or "un," but fear not!  There'll be plenty of heavy rubber, maybe some very wet leather, and a whole lot of athletic water sports, to come.  You'll see what I mean when you click my Leatherjock to send us on to that third page.  Here's the link to Hot Suits, Page Three . . . .  Get Ready! Take me to your Tingley, Bud!!!
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