Lusty Latex

along with some Drab Rubber and a few Rough Edges

This page was last updated on: July 1st, 2004
    Ah Yes, Pirate Redcap, I remember him well.   Many years have passed since we last saw him (on the immediately previous page), but this jaunty gentlemen can still strike quite a pose!
     While time has shorn his ponytail, and seemingly lengthened his scanty attire, they've done nothing to lessen the glee his friends find when his gaze lands on them!   We must say the red-tanked stud sure knows how to pack a snap-on rubbercodpiece to bulging satisfaction.   In a private aside to your reporter, he informed me with some pride, "I don't need none of your <bleepin'> JockUps to pack my pouch, Matey!"
     As a possibile hint to his country of origin, we will note that his shorts and shirt are both from the notorious Recoil.557. His sharp, red-trimmed hipboots are Gates 2000. Surely he's not from that group operating out of Penzance?!
Pirate RedTank in Gates Waders
Captain BrownRubber       A distant relation of Pirate Redcap (or Redtank as he now prefers to be called) is the gentleman herewith pictured.   He goes by the name of Captain BrownRubber.   While the latter part of his name obviously stems from the nature of his booted trousers, we're unable to disclose in what Service he might have captained nor the nature of vessel or vehicle he so piloted.
     From the design of his Nasty Pig shirt, I'm betting he's either in shore police work.   Sure is a Captain of Rubber Industry, in my book! !
      Well, this COULD have made it to my Working Rubber section, but it's just a little too contrived.   Great feeling outfit, though, and I can never get enough of those wonderful knob-sided English workboots! Destructive Carpenter
Red Orange and Blue Crossover       It appears that we've encountered yet another of my crossover poses.   Clearly (chuckle), those are the amber trunks showing below my red tanktop?   Then what are the waistbandless creations below them?   Oh, I remember, I was re-making a great pair of Motocross Leather pants, and needed to check the fit.   The bulge seemed adequate.  Since the bottoms weren't ready for viewing yet, I pulled on my favorite (and only) chainsaw-resistant orange Forester's Boots.
      Earth tones are usually hard to come by in rubber gear, so I was delighted to find both yellow latex and bronze rubber from one source!  The House of Subversive Thought, another English company, created both of these designs.
     The Blow Fly Inn, where this picture was taken, has food that belies its name, or gives blow flies a great taste in food, depending on your point of view.
Bronze and Yellow Rubber
Blue Rubber and Black Lacing       Some time ago, the Atlanta-based MalePack offered what they called a "scuba suit", comprised of this laced-side vest and a "matching" brief in blue Neoprene and black stetch fabric.  The briefs were "tossed" without regret soon after, but this vest keeps coming back to mind.   It's small enough that the lacing really does something.   The neoprene Scrimmage shorts, made by Dungeon Enterprises, and featured on my Nudeoprene page, have one distressing design defect for this bulge-intoxicated rubberman:   If worn properly (that is with the laces closed), my basket is all but flattened.   Since that effect not only deflates my ego, but also is rather uncomfortable, I'm always looking for workable alternatives.
      The turquoise Knuckled Uplifter, one of my latest JockUps creations gives plenty of basket breathing space, while the open laces go well with the "Scuba Vest", don't you agree?   To voice your own opinion, or order JockUps for personal bulge experimentations, please see the links at the bottom of this page!
      Here's some of that "drabness" I was promising. But aren't they a tasteful green Rod N Reel design from Hodgman?   Thanks, Jimmy, for letting me into these guys
      Oh, right, there were a couple other areas of the rainbow represented, weren't there?  You've seen the shirt and cap recently, but the round-bulged briefs?   They're my old favorite, Kyle, assisted in bulge definition by a Melon JockUp.  It doesn't end there, though -- the foundation layer for Kyle is the same pair of black rubber shorts as in the Pirate Redtank photo above.   Note the snaps!
Yellow, Red, Blue and Drab Green
      There's something so welcoming about a warm, sunny day, legs spread on a grassy sward.   Surely, that's not more amber latex showing, though?   Perhaps it's just a temptation to view the four related photos. Each of them is a link to the full story on a separate subpage.
Reclining Rubberman Resting Latexman
Spread Turquoise Tom Wet Turquoise Tom
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