Lusty Latex, Page Two

with a touch of amber and masculine spread and bulge ! !

This page was last updated on: July 1st, 2004
    Same image as the previous page -- no Honest, I don't feel vulnerable <G>1   the "Centerpiece", you might say, is the contoured amber latex trunks, accented very neatly with a plain black Bike jockstrap, and <ahem>, need I say, JockUps appropriate to the circumstances!   I suspect some early morning dew has enhanced the jock's visibility.
     Jimmy's great Hodgman Hippers are making a repeat appearance, as are the Recoil.557 tanktop and the Kmart cap.
Colorful Rubber-spread Latexman
      This was such a fun outfit, I figured it deserved to be viewed from another angle.   Why bother changing the camera, when the grass is so inviting.   The mosquitos were mercifully absent during this sequence!
Amber-Basket Grass Comfort Tester
      But then again, a bit of shade can feel good, too!   I was rather well pleased with my jock's leg strap symmetry in this photo -- sometimes, all of the aspects come together with most satisfying results. Crosslegged Amber Basket
      Well, the pose is the same, but what's happened to all of that nice slicky latex?   And how did those nice green Hodgman Hippers get so brown??   They must be the ProLine waders with the distressing cracks but great character.   Well, you knew I had this thing for Turquoise and a penchant for Tom Briefs?  It was but a matter of time and creativity until the two were combined.   The extremely bulgey pouch is formed from my largest Curved Uplifter in the "Knuckled Turquoise" camp pad foam.   Some clown who thought I'd never stay in them said I should padlock them on. 
Spreadbasket Tom Brief
      Good for you!   I wanted to see if you'd check this page, so this photo is not linked anywhere else.   Yes, with proper mental preparation, I can fill that pouch most comfortably, and believe me, nothing escapes it!
     Now, let me see -- what was the combination of these locks?   Please tell, or I may let go at any moment!
Knuckled TomBrief Profile
      Yes, they are waterproof, although I'm not sure if the locks were meant to be!  The water seems to bring details into sharper focus, would you say?   The same guy who said I should lock myself into these also suggested that I should build a more inclusive suit out of the same tough-looking material.   Well, I didn't say NO, actually . . . !
Soaking TomBrief
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