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This page was last updated on: November 11th, 2001
     Someone once said that the less one wears, the more important becomes the fit and design of your gear.
     I would add that arrangement of my genitalia in comfortable, controlled configurations has been a pleasant source of growing proportions!
      I wear jockstraps all the time as my only undergear, (the border of this page is a typical Saturday Jock laundry result) and through several decades of research and experimentation have come up with some very satisfying ways to build a bulge which are as exciting to wear as they are stunningly beautiful to behold.  {Just a little hyperbole, folks, ignore it if you can! !}
    You've heard me mention JockUps many times throughout these pages.  Here, you get to see one.  {Hint: It's to the right of my basket!}
  The grey thingy is cut from old neoprene wetsuit material, and cemented into a pouch shape which, miraculously fits inside a jockstrap!

Inside JockUps!
    JockUps now have their own Web Site ( a sub site of Leather Oaks) Here's the link if you've just got to know more, or add to your personal protective wardrobe!
<Swimjock and Grey Jockup
Swimjock Over Jockup       There, you see?  It's gone!  But far from forgotten.  Within moments of its being put in use, the smooth inner surface of the JockUp is conforming to my skin, so that touching the outside is an amplified sensation.  The change in shape of the jock's pouch is subtle but substantial, would you say?
      Now, suppose we put another JockUp on the outside of the swimjock?  This "deepwell" cup has enough depth that it will fit snugly against the sides of the swimjock's pouch, preventing any gaps in coverage. Deepwell Jockup
Duke Layered over JockUps       Next, here comes The Duke, and a very satisfying bulge is taking shape.  Still not ready for the Boulevard, but great for bumping around the house!  Really!! Extensive experimentation has shown that moderate impact with animate or inanimate objects heightens the appreciation of a mounded basket.

Two-fisted Bulge

     Got your attention, didn't I?  Now I've added contour latex briefs over the jocks and JockUps, and a neoprene belt.  The last I cut from the top of an old pair of wetsuit pants.  All but one of the ingredients are now in place for final basket arrangement.
BlackContourJockband and Fists
Black Contour Rolled Belt     The top edge of the briefs I've folded over the jock and neoprene waistbands so you get the effect of these being secretly hemmed by some unknown means.  They also make a good comfort pad for the final component!
     With the addition of a dressy lifting belt,  what could still be termed undergear becomes high-style jogging gear, suitable for other moderate impact sports, too.   Add a tanktop, and you'd be welcome most anywhere on the Gulf Coast! Black Contour Belted4
Black Contour BeltedButt3      It's my belief that whether you're coming or going, you should always present a good image in whatever your gear.  Mister Pegasus adds a taste of class to a not shabby butt-end view, if I may say so myself!!

     Don't quit now!!  We're about to get to the Application Photos!ManPouch Applications
      They're just ahead on the next page:  Pat my leatherjock, and we'll be on our way<G>!
      Somewhere I read recently that jockstrap sales have fallen off precipitously in the last few years.  You would certainly never gather that from a visit to this site.
     There you'll see Tom's great collection of jocks past and present, and browse through hundreds of photos of men confident and proud in their jockstraps, besides and reading their first-person accounts:  It's a living, breathing lesson in pouch management.  Enjoy !
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